Zoomlion: Bauma Germany has won over 1.2 billion orders, showing its image as an industry leader and product benchmark

On October 28, Bauma 2022 in Germany is still in full swing. Zoomlion (000157), a leading global construction machinery company, assembled and displayed the technological achievements and products at the forefront of industry innovation, setting off waves of climaxes at the exhibition site. According to Zoomlion, up to now, the total amount of the company’s on-site signed orders and intentional orders has exceeded 1.2 billion yuan, fully demonstrating the industry’s image as a digital, intelligent and green leader and product benchmark.

High-standard design and intelligently-supported benchmarking products attract a wave of customer orders

As a leading company in the construction lifting machinery industry, Zoomlion brought new products locally manufactured by its Italian subsidiary CIFA, the RTC500 off-road tire crane, the all-terrain crane ATC1000 and the city crane ATC400C, at this Bauma. The design and performance advantages are tailored for the European market, and it is a benchmark product created by Zoomlion in the field of crane research and development and European localized manufacturing.

At the same time, after more than 60 years of technical inheritance and innovation, Zoomlion Construction Hoisting Machinery has brought R-generation new tower cranes to global customers with its unique technical advantages. This series of tower cranes adopts the tenon structure to enhance the versatility and safety of the tower body, and also realizes the ultimate application of cutting-edge technologies such as digitalization and intelligence, and effectively creates a “risk-free” tower crane with global safety.

The all-electric product released by CIFA, a subsidiary of Zoomlion in Italy, the new-generation Energya series electric pump truck K42E, has two power consumption modes, built-in battery and plug-in, which can realize pure electric operation and completely zero emissions; it adopts carbon fiber The boom meets the European standard of 32 tons for 4 axles of the whole vehicle, and the intelligent technology enables it to realize automatic identification, automatic adaptation and automatic optimization of material conditions, which can meet the needs of various working conditions of customers.

▲The electric pump truck released by CIFA, an Italian subsidiary of Zoomlion

The order shows the recognition, and the new product shows the trend. These benchmark products gathered high popularity for Zoomlion at the exhibition, and customers from all over the world came here one after another, and signed contracts on the spot. It is reported that up to now, the total amount of on-site signed orders and intentional orders of Zoomlion has exceeded 1.2 billion yuan, covering all types of mainframe products including construction, concrete, earthmoving, high-machine, construction, and forklift trucks.

▲Zoomlion continues to sign contracts on site

Diversified activities and cutting-edge display of future technology will fill the audience with a sense of experience

In addition to the frequent signing of contracts and new product releases, Zoomlion’s diversified activities and the display of various cutting-edge technological achievements in this exhibition also attracted fans.

The exhibition is in the year of Zoomlion’s 30th anniversary celebration. The audience can use the photo wall of the company’s development history, high-tech product review and other photo walls, as well as the 30th anniversary documentary film, audio-visual real-time interactive experience of the memorabilia, and feel the sense of history and modern technology. Feel the fusion of feelings and experience the profound corporate culture of Zoomlion. At the same time, the online exhibition hall also allows the audience to “travel” the exhibition site and experience the power and beauty of the heavy equipment.

In the interactive experience area on the first floor of the exhibition area, Zoomlion has built a micro-landscape building, and carried out 3D virtual and accurate design and construction simulation of large-scale overseas engineering projects through real-life VR, allowing the audience to experience the working conditions and operation experience of construction machinery at close range. There are various interactive experience sections and LED interactive screens such as interactive PK competitions, on-site scanning and punching cards to win gifts, etc., allowing the audience to better experience and feel the new technology and new achievements of Zoomlion.

At the same time, in the digital experience area, Zoomlion also displayed the smart rental system and smart service system respectively. The systematic achievements created by these cutting-edge technologies allowed the audience to experience the real scenes created by Zoomlion with advanced future technologies.

As one of the three major exhibitions of construction machinery, Bauma in Munich, Germany provides an excellent stage for global construction machinery companies. On this stage, as a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, Zoomlion not only triggered a series of climaxes with continuous orders and endless new products, but also brought future scenarios into reality with its own innovative technology, showing and leading the project. The future trend of the machinery industry.