Zhuyou was detected by the system and directly deducted 42 credit points. Have you seen the reason for this deduction?

Not long ago, Zhuyou kneeled at the peak of the game, dropped from 1900 points to 1700 points, and his mentality was completely blown up, but recently Zhuyou has also regained his fighting spirit and reached the peak of 1900 points, only one step away from 2,000 points. Then Zhuyou started the live broadcast and was ready to hit 2,000 points, but he didn’t expect that before the game started, his credit points would be deducted. Now Zhuyou was dumbfounded, so what happened?

Before the game started, Zhuyou showed off a wave of his looks to everyone. From here, it can be seen that Zhuyou is still in a good mood, but Zhuyou must not have imagined that he will usher in the moment of breaking defense. After praising his new look, Zhu You improvised a dance, which made the LSPs in the comment area happy!

After the opening dance, Zhuyou clicked on the page of the peak competition. As a result, a window popped up head-on, which made Zhuyou stunned. The system actually reminded him that his credit score did not reach 90 points. Seeing this prompt, the fans in Zhuyou’s live broadcast room were stunned. Could it be that their own anchor was reported by someone else? At this time, Zhu You was also puzzled, and kept asking why?

Then Zhuyou opened the mailbox, and the first email was a warning that the reputation score was too low. At this time, Zhuyou had realized that it might have been detected by the system again. Then Zhuyou opened the second email. The content of the email was that Zhuyouduo was detected. If a malicious card is matched for the second time, you will be banned from participating in qualifying and peak matches. When I saw this email, Zhuyou had already started to vomit fragrance, so what does malicious card matching mean?

Card matching means that you and your friends deliberately match together during the matching process. After all, there are fewer high-segment players. If you and your friends are matched together in the peak match, it will definitely affect the game balance, so King of Glory came up with this countermeasure. Not only Zhuyou, Nuanyang and Gemini had previously deducted points for malicious card matching.

This time, Zhuyou was judged as a malicious card match by the system, which is obviously a system detection error. We also hope that the king can face up to this problem and truly deal with rotten and malicious team players instead of banning normal players by mistake! The above is all the content of this issue. We will see you in the next issue. If you have any unique views, please leave a message in the comment area to interact with us!