Zhou Qi is determined to go to overseas league development and miss CBA for the second consecutive year

  On September 19, Beijing time, after the Xinjiang team cancelled Zhou Qi’s pre-registration for the new season yesterday, Zhou Qi’s agency officially issued a statement today that Zhou Qi will continue to play in overseas leagues in the new season.

  ”In the new season, Zhou Qi, an athlete under Newellwell, will continue to play in overseas leagues, striving to enhance his strength, comprehensively temper his skills, hone his mind, and strive for greater improvement. From joining overseas leagues in 2021 to representing the national team this year During the period of time, Zhou Qi’s performance was called “improvement visible to the naked eye” by fans, which is inseparable from his personal efforts and training in overseas leagues. It is believed that Zhou Qi’s basketball competition level in the new season will surpass himself and continue to improve. , and at the same time can play better for the country. In the past year, Zhou Qi has hardly had time to reunite with his family, and now he cherishes the opportunity to accompany his family very much. When the rest is over, Zhou Qi will leave for overseas leagues. “New LeVert said in an official statement.

  It has been reported before that the contract between Zhou Qi and the Xinjiang team is still in the arbitration stage. If the Chinese Basketball Association can determine that he is a free agent, there is still hope that he will land in the CBA in the new season. But Zhou Qi’s agency has made it clear in today’s statement that Zhou Qi will not play in the CBA in the new season.

  (Shen Wei)

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