Zhou Dongyu: Fantasy and Reality|Cover of Marie Claire

Zhou Dongyu wrote a motto for himself,

“Don’t take yourself too seriously, you’ll be a lot easier.”

This year is her twelfth year in the industry,

In her place, no one can see the emotion,

She didn’t look back deliberately,

It also refuses to poetize all dreams.

She just kept acting,

Live your life twice as long.

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When Zhou Dongyu was setting her makeup, Xin Yukun kept her brows furrowed. Compared with the smelly commercial films, the director’s films have the roughness and authenticity that pierce the times. At this time, Zhou Dongyu was in a complicated mood, holding several PPT printing papers in his hand, all of which were character shapes conceived by the director. “I searched for this character for a long time that day and couldn’t find it. It was quite a breakdown at the time.”

She was invited to star in the movie “Hot Search”. The role is Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of We Media. Because of the publication of an explosive article, she unexpectedly received help from the parties involved, which involved a series of unexpected events. “Hot Search is the most challenging, most pondering, and the most different from me.” In the flood of information, how to distinguish between good and evil? This is a story that is relevant to everyone.

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“I always felt that I couldn’t play this kind of role.” But when she read the script, she felt a power in her hand, “I really like this role, but I can’t play it, what should I do? From appearance to character, and even all aspects of me, It’s the opposite of Chen Ran. In fact, the director is also very distressed, but he still wants to try it, so let’s come.” After all the stylings were tried, the results were good, and everyone was relieved.

After really joining the crew, there are many challenges every day, but Zhou Dongyu still feels “like a spring breeze”. “Because the crew members are very good, and every department is very professional, I feel that they are all angels.” After shining a match, I found in the light that there are many people around me who are silently walking at night like myself. She said they were simple, kind, clean, and they all wanted to do this well. “The director is the soul of the crew.”

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Before this collaboration, she had seen Xin Yukun’s “The Labyrinth of the Heart” and “Broken Silence”, constructing real characters and changing villages, all of which made Zhou Dongyu like it very much. After really getting in touch, I found that the director is very meticulous and gentle, “Not only is it fresh, but it also gives the actor a strong sense of security, and he has more chemical reactions with him. Not only me, he is very warm to everyone, It seems that everyone admires and respects him. The work is tiring, but in his crew, you can improve your performance and learn how to live.”

Facing the challenge of the new character style, she has more courage in her heart. “You know, I’ve played too many girls, and it gives me the feeling that I was born to be like this.” She has always had a youthful face, and she can play a girl with ease, while playing a mild mature woman will make the audience feel Some are not used to it. She used an analogy, like braised pork without soy sauce and made white, it takes time for people to believe and accept.

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“Fortunately, I’m not a person who likes to design the future. Aquarius, I don’t have this kind of mind.” She knew that she was not a person who planned everything meticulously. Since the role has come and the script has been prepared, she will do it bit by bit. “I am in the mood, and when I feel it, I will do something as long as I find it interesting.”

Before she was killed, Xin Yukun gave her a book. It’s not a novel, it’s not a picture book, it has nothing to do with art, it’s a book about science and thinking written by a physicist. The book talks about the seemingly abnormal and logical reality of the world, which seems to be inextricably related to the expressive theme of the film. As a public figure, Zhou Dongyu is also in the silent online world, but she sees it very openly. “From my debut to the present, I have always separated work and life. In different environments and in front of different people, there are more or less differences. It is impossible to say which side is you and which side is not you. They all come together. , is the real you.”

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Dongshan Island in spring is humid and cold, with clear fog. The coastline here is very long, and there are few tourist groups, only the unpretentious small fishing villages in southern Fujian. Open the car window, the fishing nets are drying on the roadside, and there is a trace of fishy smell in the air. The crew of “Parrot Killing” went to the island in March to prepare. Due to the epidemic, the production was suspended for more than ten days. In the beginning of April, the filming and lighting came in. Zhou Dongyu also joined the group and started her new role.

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She looks lively, but in fact she has a slow and warm personality. Occasionally, everyone is greeted to eat hot pot together. This time is different, the producer is Don He and the producer is Shuang Xuetao, who worked together on “Flame on the Plain”. “It doesn’t take time to get acquainted anymore. It feels like a relative, like a friend. The day I first arrived on the island, the Don River took my parents for a spin.”

She built a small electric car, and it was very slippery as soon as she got on it. “In my house, all the streets and alleys ride this kind of car.” The car took her to know the place, from Sufeng Mountain Huandao Road to Yubone Sandbar, and then to the wide sea of ​​Nanmen Bay. When the weather is clear, the sea is blue, and the beach is white and soft, not sticky or sticky. They will also drill into the small market, take back a few catties of fresh vegetables and a little seafood, and return them to the adults.


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At the Shanghai International Film Festival last year, director Ma Yingxin, who was far away, shared a story at the venture capital event through a video. Shuang Xuetao and Don He made a public statement and negotiated, so that “Parrot Killing” won the venture capital project. ‘s approval. The incident begins with an online scam and ends in a dangerous and sweet love revenge. The calm narrative, the unspeakable past, and the elusive atmosphere are the keynotes of this film.

Ma Yingxin is a new director who graduated from Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain with a master’s degree. Zhou Dongyu has seen her short film “Man in the Chair” before. “I feel very talented. After learning about her personal experience, I feel even more admiration.” “Parrot Killing” is her first personal feature-length film. Inspired by the news of “killing pigs”, it tells the story of the girl Zhou Ran “being beaten by After killing him, he went to Zhangzhou, Fujian to look for people. Through a parrot, he met two men, and gradually found that they were related to his experience of being defrauded.

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When he got the script, Zhou Dongyu also learned a lot of social news. “But the script is not about the process of being killed, but about what happened after that.” Zhou Ran experienced pain and torture, and then gradually calmed down. “She is a very ordinary girl in life, she has never done anything spectacular, and has no extraordinary abilities, just like someone we can see at any time in our lives. In the story, I think her reaction and state are quite real. “

The only thing that puzzled her was, “How could I be deceived? I was sold to help people with money, how could it be possible, do you think I would be deceived?” She went to ask Ma Yingxin, Ma Yingxin said: ” Many girls are like you, and when they have this idea, they have already been deceived.” Zhou Dongyu thought about it and thought that the director was absolutely right, “So I should take this script.” “Parrot Killing” is unique, starting from Starting from a female revenge mentality, it mixes elements of love and suspense, making people curious.

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“I am very happy and honored to work with such a female director,” Zhou Dongyu said, which is what she has always wanted to do. “When I worked with them, I was just an ordinary actor and listened to the director. I felt numb. Winning Heart is a director who handles the details and emotional control very well. I have collaborated with many new directors along the way, and I like their energy. I am inspired and open my eyes. Saw a lot of different things.”

In the days on the island, seafood meals are naturally indispensable. Dongshan Island is mostly fishermen who rely on the sea to eat the sea. They pick up on the beach, fish in the sea, and catch them in nets. Oysters, small tubes, shrimps, clams, sea melon seeds… At night, the roadside is barbecued. At the stall, the aroma was stimulated by the charcoal fire and floated all over the street. Zhou Dongyu’s favorite food is simple, cheap and big mussels. “I eat seafood there every day, and the fishermen sell them when they are salvaged. You can buy a lot of mussels for twenty or thirty yuan, which is very satisfying for a northerner.”

The thick fog that could not disperse on the island brought dampness all over the body. “For the first few days, it’s like wearing clothes that haven’t been dried, and the body smells damp. Everyone bought a dryer, otherwise the clothes can’t be worn at all.” Mom put a dehumidifier in her room, “As long as it was a little wet, my family and I would have eczema. Later, I used a very good cream, which greatly improved the eczema. I think it saved me in Dongshan Island.”

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Because of the old injury left by practicing gymnastics for three years, her knee cannot get cold. Every winter and twelfth lunar month, the knees will also “sad”. Filming in Xuexiang a few years ago, the heating in the northeast was too powerful, and the house was both geothermal and radiator, there was a feeling of being in a steamer. She put three humidifiers on, and when she came back from work, she rushed over and steamed her face with joy. “In the crew, make sure you don’t get sick, and live your own life according to your own habits.”

She feels that the profession of an actor is to go everywhere, go out, and adapt and not adapt. After all, one side supports the other person. “I also learned a lot of life skills and life experience, which I find very useful.” In the past, she would bring a small pot of about a hundred yuan in the crew, and when she had an upset stomach, she liked to cook bowls of noodles by herself. I don’t dare to eat spicy food easily, for fear of affecting the makeup the next day, so as not to make the makeup artist embarrassed.

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After the filming of several films in the first half of the year, she was able to exercise vigorously during her vacation. “I usually move every day. I used to like to move, but now I move more. I actually like healthy aesthetics, and I like to have a little muscle on my body and have energy.”

Also because of her thin body, when exercising, she will focus on core and shoulder, neck, and leg strength. “There are too few muscles in some places, which can’t support your body at all. When you get old in the future, doing some movements will be unknown and risky. I was shooting a blockbuster a few days ago, and I couldn’t move my neck. In the end, I finished filming with a stiff neck. There is a rigid fashion style.” She bought neck pads, waist pads and other equipment, but tried to wear them as little as possible. Small things about fitness and health, such as “shoulders and necks are uncomfortable, you need to use a bracket to look at your mobile phone” and other small methods, and they look straight.

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“Because we are getting old.” After saying this, Zhou Dongyu laughed again. Unknowingly, it has been twelve years since “Love of the Hawthorn Tree”, and Zhou Dongyu has just arrived at the best mature stage of development. “I don’t think time flies fast or slow, it’s just a normal life.” She rarely watches her own dramas, and is more willing to listen to the audience’s opinions and balance her judgment. She is learning to digest it slowly.

In the past two years, Zhou Dongyu is still called a model worker, but the work rhythm is still relaxed. She often said to herself, “It’s useless to complain, right? I would tell myself that people have to move forward, and everyone is the same. You just work hard and live well, and you can’t complain about the external environment for everything.” She I also want to change myself and not be too regular.

When asked what she wanted to say to her former self, Zhou Dongyu said: “I have nothing to say to her, children don’t understand anything.” Movies are used to create dreams, but she never felt that her experience was like a real person. A movie or a dream. “Because the word “dream” is too advanced, I belong to a person who is sometimes confused. From this perspective, it may be similar to dream.”

Producer/MIX WEI

Photography / Liu Song 

Image & Editing/AUSTIN FENG

Text Editor/Chen Boyan ChicoChan  

Written by / Chen Jing

Makeup / Zhang Renzhi

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Editor / Wang Ying Ying

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Director / Ah Zhi

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