Zhongnan Co., Ltd. has obtained patents related to close-packed rollers. The patented technology can avoid chain suffocation and facilitate installation.

According to news from the financial industry on November 17, 2023, according to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office, Guangdong Zhongnan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has obtained a patent application called “Close-package Roller, Coiled Snail Production System and Coiled Circle Production System”, Publication No. CN117066285A The date is November 2023.

The patent abstract shows that embodiments of the present invention provide a close-packed roller, a snail production system and a round production system, in which the close-packed roller includes a motor and N rollers, and the N rollers are numbered 1# and 2# in sequence. , 3#…N#, N≥3 and N is a positive integer, one end of the 1# roller is connected to the power output end of the motor, and also includes a first transmission system located on one side of the N rollers and a second drive system located on the N rollers. Transmission system; the first transmission system includes odd-numbered rollers, and two adjacent rollers in the first transmission system are connected by chain transmission; the second transmission system includes even-numbered rollers and 1# roller, the second transmission system The two adjacent rollers are connected by chain drive. The densely arranged rollers in this application can avoid chain suffocation and facilitate the installation of the chain. When one side of the transmission chain breaks, the transmission function of the roller table can still be ensured and the speed difference between the two transmission systems can be avoided.

Collection date: November 20, 2023

Source: Finance