Zhongbing Communications plans to purchase an industrial building in Wuhan for 44.15 million yuan as a research and development platform site

[Dahe Finance Cube News] On October 28, Zhongbing Communications announced that it plans to purchase an industrial building in the Wuhan East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone as a new venue for the Wuhan R&D platform. The construction area of ​​the industrial building to be purchased is about 5,654 square meters, and the estimated contract amount is about 44.15 million yuan.

According to Zhongbing Communications, according to the company’s overall strategic development plan, the company will focus on improving the scientific research strength of the Wuhan R&D Center in the future, but the current Wuhan R&D site can no longer meet the space for future development. This purchase of real estate is in line with the company’s strategic development needs and is conducive to enhancing the company’s scientific research strength.

Zhongbing Communication is located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Its main business is the production and sales of military, military-civilian communication and electronic equipment.

Previously, Zhongbing Communications had sprinted to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange. However, on September 28 this year, Zhongbing Communications submitted the “Zhongbing Communications Technology Co., Ltd.’s request for instructions on withdrawing the application documents for listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange” to the Beijing Stock Exchange. According to the regulations, the Beijing Stock Exchange terminated the IPO review of Zhongbing Communications. And Zhongbing Communications also stated that it will no longer submit an application for listing within six months.

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