Zhiwen Group CEO Wang Li resigned and became president due to health reasons, and chairman Tang Yan took over as CEO

Image source: Figureworm Creative

Blue Whale TMT Channel, October 28, Zhiwen Group announced today that Wang Li will resign as CEO of the company due to health reasons, and the position will be replaced by Chairman Tang Yan. Mr. Wang Li remains the Group’s Executive Director and President, assisting Tang Yan in advancing the company’s core strategy.

It is understood that Wang Li is the founding partner of Zhiwen Group. He has served as the company’s COO since 2014, the company’s president since 2018, and the company’s CEO in 2020. Under the leadership of Wang Li, Zhiwen Group has created a series of new mobile social products such as TieTie in addition to the two main businesses of Momo and Tantan; it has continued to explore externally, and has incubated a series of overseas markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. A series of overseas business.

Tang Yan affirmed the development and achievements of the company during Mr. Wang Li’s tenure, he said: “Wang Li has suffered from a series of problems in his health due to long-term high-pressure work, and he feels powerless to engage in comprehensive management work. Decided to step down as CEO. But he will continue to serve as group president, assist me in my work, take charge of important matters, and face the challenges of the future together.”

Zhiwen Group was established in 2011 and was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on December 11, 2014 (NASDAQ: MOMO). Program production, financial investment and other diversified businesses.