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Let me talk about the advantages of magnetic Taurus promotion:

Magnetic Taurus Product Capability Matrix

1. Magnetic Taurus integrates e-commerce distribution capabilities, improves the efficiency of the entire marketing chain from account opening, recharge to distribution, improves user experience, and reduces the difficulty of user operations. Platform integration: Integrate the capabilities of e-commerce platforms to meet the needs of merchants to use multiple promotion platforms in one stop.

2. The magnetic Taurus marketing method is subdivided to meet the needs of different customer types, and the two-way engine drives the accelerated version: for small and medium-sized/self-service customers, one-click ordering, and the efficient distribution capability of “guaranteed fast volume + intelligent orientation + one-click feeding”, Reduce the operating cost of the merchant system: for agents with mature service capabilities, support customized orders, “large-scale” refined distribution capabilities support activity budget allocation + rich directional combination capabilities + configuration creativity”