Zhao Liying and Zhao Lusi are both relying on “eyebrows” to thin their faces, choosing the right eyebrow shape is like changing faces, they are beautiful

When it comes to eyebrows, it is also one of the most tossing parts of girls. Everyone has heard that a small eyebrow change can change the whole face, and there are various PS photos on the Internet to confirm the importance of eyebrows. Without eyebrows, even Angelababy, who is prosperous and beautiful, has completely fallen to the bottom.

​And the importance of eyebrows is not only whether they have it or not, but also the shape of the eyebrows. Or there is a saying that “changing the eyebrow shape is like changing the face”, only by drawing the right eyebrow shape can you magnify the advantages of the appearance and make the whole person’s mental outlook to a higher level. For example, Yang Zi is the best example. Look at the little monkey purple with the right eyebrow shape. Compared with thick eyebrows, willow-leaf thin eyebrows are more suitable for Yang Zi, which has the tenderness of a little woman.

​Jing Tian’s facial features are actually very classical, but the tough black eyebrows he drew before made his face stiff and not soft enough. In “Si Teng”, she put on thin willow-leaf eyebrows, which can adjust the proportion of her forehead well and reduce the sense of oppression between her eyebrows and eyes. Yanmei, a pair of hilarious eyes with affectionate eyes” has the effect.

It seems that choosing a correct eyebrow shape is really a very important thing. The blogger also introduced before that the eyebrow shape needs to be determined according to the face shape. Comparing with the comics below, different face shapes have their corresponding eyebrow shape choices.

However, just looking at this theoretical knowledge, it is also possible to fall into some misunderstandings. For example, girls with round faces, the focus of thrush is to increase lines and three-dimensional contours. Therefore, when some people draw eyebrows, in order to look thinner, they will deliberately depict sharp-angled eyebrows. But if your chin is too short, this eyebrow shape will not be consistent with the young style, and even jump out of the brow bone.

​So girls with round faces, unless you want to highlight cuteness, you can try thick flat eyebrows or curved eyebrows. But if you want to “slim face” through eyebrow shape, the key point is to draw a clear sense of line, in order to make the eyebrow and eye contour three-dimensional. Zhao Liying’s cool temperament now has a lot to do with the change in eyebrow shape.

​In the end, how should girls with round faces draw their eyebrows to make their faces look smaller? Today, I will bring you three eyebrow shapes suitable for round faces and corresponding star templates. As long as you sit according to your facial features, you can find the most suitable thin eyebrow shape for you.

1. Short round face

Zhao Jinmai has a typical short and round face, with round and full cheeks, and a lot of white space on the face. In addition, the facial features are round and dull, and there is not much sense of contour. Therefore, for her daily eyebrow shape, she will choose slender crescent eyebrows with round eyes, which makes her smile sweet and bright. For this face shape, crescent eyebrows are a plus, it can bring out the girly feeling to the extreme, and it also has the effect of showing a small face visually.

​If you want to draw meniscus eyebrows for a short round face, first of all, the eyebrows should be elongated so that they can visually wrap the cheekbones, which can fill up the blank space on the side face, so that the face will be more compact and delicate visually.

Another important point to remember is that according to the trend of the brow bone, the eyebrows should be raised slightly. If it is too flat, the facial features may appear more round and unnatural! In addition, color selection is also very important. It is recommended that a natural brown tone and a moderately colored eyebrow color will appear light and temperamental. Finally, it will be more natural with the hair flu on the brow.

2, round face, square face

Although Zhao Liying has a typical round face, after her postpartum comeback, her figure is slimmer than before, and she is also reduced along with the Baby Face. The face has an angular, slightly square face, which is very suitable for those who elongate the face. Raise your eyebrows. The slightly raised eyebrows reduce the dullness of the round face. Compared with the previous one-word eyebrow period, not only the face is thinner, but the current style is more like a big heroine, cold and noble, and the facial features are more delicate!

​When drawing lightly raised eyebrows, it should be noted that the overall eyebrow shape needs to be flat, and the radian of the eyebrow peak is smooth. When positioning the eyebrow peak, consciously raise the position slightly so that the overall upward curve becomes obvious. The eyebrow tail only needs to be slightly raised and then pressed down, and the face will be more flexible and light.

​Elongating and narrowing the tail of the eyebrows can not only neutralize the roundness of the face, but also strengthen the presence of the eyebrows and eyes, ignoring the defects of the lower court. After the eyebrow tail is elongated, an inverted triangular outline will be formed in the face, which visually narrows the lower court.

3, long round face

Zhao Lusi has a standard oval face shape, not only has a longer atrium, but also has a lot of white space on her face. She has a girly appearance, and this face shape is most suitable for flat and curved eyebrows. Flat curved eyebrows will weaken the presence of the peaks of the eyebrows, and the tails of the eyebrows will slowly descend, creating a pitiful atmosphere, which is very suitable for long and round faces. The overall appearance is a young and sweet feeling.

​Girls with this type of face have too much white space on the face, so it is very necessary to narrow the face shape visually by lengthening the eyebrow shape. However, Zhao Lusi’s brow bone is short and drooping. If the tail of the brow is pulled too long, it will only make the brow more droopy. Therefore, it is only necessary to moderately lengthen the tail of the brow, and then extend the brow to create a long brow shape.

​Flat-curved eyebrows do not refer to the one-word eyebrows without eyebrow peaks, but to highlight the existence of eyebrow peaks through the drop of the eyebrow tail. The front part of the eyebrow is relatively flat, and the end of the eyebrow is placed above the original eyebrow bone. The eyebrows emphasize the soft hair flu, blur the frame, and at the same time, the end of the eyebrow should be blunt, in line with the rounded curve of the entire face, and it is also a key point to create a girly look. If the eyebrow peak is too prominent, it will look more aggressive.

​Exit the brow circle with thick flat eyebrows, have you got these eyebrows suitable for round faces?