Zhang Yuxi revealed that she wants to participate in an online beauty pageant? Prohibited by the player, professional players are not welcome to enter

In recent years, post-90s “little flowers” with both appearance and acting skills have been emerging in the entertainment industry. Zhang Yuxi is one of them. Several of Zhang Yuxi’s recent dramas have been out of the circle, such as the costume fairy drama “Liu Li”, the sweet urban romance drama “Too Lustrous”, the costume drama “Song with the King”, etc. Currently, there is also a partner Cheng Yi’s “Southern”. “Wind Knows My Mind” is about to be broadcast, which is a very good resource in the entertainment industry where it is difficult to receive dramas today.

However, at the same time as acting, Zhang Yuxi actually “doesn’t have a proper job” and wants to participate in a beauty contest? This is incomprehensible.

Speaking of which, Zhang Yuxi also debuted through a beauty pageant. In the cover girl contest held by “Ruili” magazine in 2009, Zhang Yuxi won the championship in the finals, thus officially entering the showbiz and being widely known.

However, after 13 years, Zhang Yuxi revealed that she wanted to participate in a beauty contest, which was not held by the entertainment industry, but was actually related to an online game, which surprised fans.

This also starts with the game experience of “Internet Addicted Girl” Zhang Yuxi.

If you are a big fan of Zhang Yuxi, you must find that this Northeastern girl usually broadcasts live broadcasts and plays the game “Reverse Water Cold” many times. This is the martial arts end game launched by NetEase in 2018. In the past four years, it has attracted countless celebrities such as Ke Jie, Xi Mengyao, Cecilia Cheung, Zheng Yuanjie, etc. I did not expect Zhang Yuxi to be a diehard fan.

Zhang Yuxi has a “big food addiction” when playing Nishuihan. He has posted on Weibo several times to show his wonderful moments in the game. For example, he recognizes the auspicious beasts in the game as big dogs. For example, it is too difficult to complain about the elite BOSS, and he even overheated because of this. So, all in all, Zhang Yuxi is true love for Nishuihan.

And recently, the new beauty pageant of Nishuihan officially kicked off – this is the “Beauty of the Song Dynasty” selection contest of Nishuihan, which is the highest-level beauty pageant held twice a year by the official, divided into appearance, magic sound The three major tracks of talent and talent attract tens of thousands of girls to compare their beauty every time. The winner will be rewarded with rare appearances, titles and even cash. Over the years, countless talented and beautiful women have been selected.

Seeing that the latest “Beauty of the Song Dynasty” has opened, some players look at Zhang Yuxi, a star player who is addicted to Adverse Water Cold, and ask: Since it is a beauty pageant, why doesn’t Zhang Yuxi participate?

Some professionals in the comment area returned: Zhang Yuxi is a new goddess in ancient costumes, her appearance and temperament have been rigorously tested, and she is considered a professional player; and the “Beauty of the Song Dynasty” selection competition against the water is held for private players. Said, those who are not stars, not yet famous girls, give them a chance to become famous. If a professional player like Zhang Yuxi is allowed to participate, it is obviously a foul and should be banned.

Furthermore, if Zhang Yuxi participates, will Cecilia Cheung, Karen Mok, and Tang Shiyi also participate? What’s more, there are many beautiful Internet celebrity players, well-known coser, etc. in Nishuihan, such as Xie Anran, Wang Yimeng, Xiong Qi, Brother Lolita, etc. Are these beautiful girls also participating? If they all participated, there would be nothing for ordinary players.

Therefore, even if Zhang Yuxi is a loyal player of Nishuihan, even if she confesses that she wants to participate in the competition, there is no chance, do you think so?

I’m still looking forward to the Adverse Water Cold Beauty Pageant. What kind of ordinary players will emerge this time. I’m ready for the small bench, and Wuhu takes off!