Zhang Jiawen was on the news, and the scene of hugging with sister Xigua became popular, Tong Jincheng: I don’t believe in love anymore

I believe that everyone has seen that the anchor Zhang Jiawen is frequently participating in love variety shows during this time. I have to say that if the anchor Zhang Jiawen resolutely chose to show his face for the live broadcast, I believe that everyone will not see Zhang Jiawen in the love variety show. Interacting with major female anchors, I have to say that many viewers and friends think that the anchor Zhang Jiawen is quite suitable for these variety shows, because Zhang Jiawen himself is relatively funny, and his humorous cells make the overall program effect very good. .

During this period of time, we also saw that the anchor Zhang Jiawen was actually on the news, so what happened? In fact, in the process of sending short videos, many people found an official news, and released a video of a young man hugging a girl, so in the copy, it was “The young man snuggled tightly on the woman, and the sweet hug became a The most beautiful scenery line” , if you don’t know the people in the video at this time, such a scenery with such wonderful copywriting does look quite romantic. However, in real life, the two are not really lovers. The two are here mainly because they participated in a love variety show.

But what’s more interesting is that Tong Jincheng also saw this news video, and then left a message at the bottom, Tong Jincheng said, “I don’t believe in love anymore, that’s it”, which directly filled the atmosphere. Because the female anchor of Sister Watermelon has such high popularity and popularity now, in fact, the main credit is still attributed to Tong Jincheng, because last year, Tong Jincheng had already come to the outdoor sector, and the status of the anchor brother is in terms of popularity. It was very high. In one of the programs, Sister Xigua was also invited to visit the West Lake in Hangzhou. At that time, many viewers and friends felt that Tong Jincheng was working hard for the effect of the program, and the interaction between the two was also very special, even There is also a picture of the watermelon sister Momoda Tong Jincheng.

But there has never been an anchor like Zhang Jiawen, who has no face in front of Sister Watermelon. The two are like brothers and sisters. Even Tong Jincheng is not very tall and wears high heels. Sister Watermelon is about the same height , but Zhang Jiawen’s stature is really too short. He looks like he is only in his early 1m6. He looks very thin on the mountain. Compared with the 1m75 and 400-pound physique of Sister Watermelon, the gap is very obvious.

In general, whether it is during the live broadcast of the game or participating in such an outdoor variety show, the humor of the anchor Zhang Jiawen always exists. Perhaps this is the reason why this anchor is so hot.