Zhang Jiawen was dressed as a monkey with a mouth

The second season of Huya’s “72 Hours of Heart” has been broadcast. This time the official invited 4 male guests and 4 female guests. Among them, Zhang Jiawen and Zisheng are old friends that everyone is familiar with. The two participated in the first season and left a deep impression on netizens. Especially Zhang Jiawen, although he was timid in the show and was even swayed by other guests, it was because of the dedication of his good brothers that made the show more interesting.

Girls have Sister Watermelon, and boys have Zhang Jiawen. On the first day of “72 Hours of Heart”, Zhang Jiawen once again became the focus. It’s still the well-known pinch link. This time, Zhang Jiawen was dressed up as a big-mouthed monkey by other guests, which is what he looked like below. This looks really funny, and it seems that only Zhang Jiawen can stand up in such a dress. There is a saying that Jia Wen contributed a lot of jokes to the show, and this time the big-mouthed monkey costume is the most typical representative. It can only be said that although Jia Wen looks stupid, without his efforts, this show will lose a lot of highlights. Speaking of which, I really feel sorry for a wave of good brothers.

When everyone was laughing at Zhang Jiawen’s big-mouthed monkey costume, Bury, who had interacted with him many times, walked up to him and hugged him, which was a kind of comfort. Although Bury rejected Zhang Jiawen twice, even though he knew that this was just the effect of the show, the hug of Bury was indeed a kind of warmth to Zhang Jiawen.

Speaking of which, Zhang Jiawen’s live broadcasts are becoming more and more entertainment-style, but because he rarely came into contact with this type of live broadcasts before, he seems to be unable to let go in the show, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, I believe that after more and more With experience, Zhang Jiawen’s outdoor live broadcast content will get better and better. And now the live broadcast industry is not as good as before. If Zhang Jiawen has kept his live broadcast style unchanged for many years, he may be eliminated by the industry. Therefore, it is a correct choice for him to slowly change his style now. I hope that the efforts of good brothers will not be in vain.

The second season of “72 Hours of Heart” also lasted for 3 days. I wonder what wonderful content Zhang Jiawen will bring in the follow-up show? It is worth looking forward to.