Zhang Jiawen met a female fan by chance, was asked to take a photo, and even posted on WeChat, a good brother is promising

Some time ago, Zhang Jiawen participated in an outdoor love variety show. One of the challenges was that Zhang Jiawen approached girls on the roadside and asked for WeChat. As a result, Zhang Jiawen approached more than a dozen girls and they were all rejected. The mask of pain was hung directly on his face. Zhang Jiawen felt very much about his peach blossom luck. In addition, in the follow-up love variety show, he was abandoned by the female anchors of all parties. Zhang Jiawen can be called the worst male anchor in the love variety show. He was played by all kinds of bad women, which inevitably made many Zhang Jiawen viewers feel I’m sorry, this good brother is too honest.

But no matter what Zhang Jiawen said, he is also a popular anchor in the Huya 2LOL section. During the recent outdoor live broadcast, when Zhang Jiawen and other female anchors were shopping and chatting, a beautiful female fan recognized Zhang Jiawen and hoped to be with Zhang Jiawen. group photo. Zhang Jiawen was naturally very happy when she saw the beauty came to ask for a group photo, and quickly agreed to the female fan’s request for a group photo. Afterwards, Zhang Jiawen also summoned up the courage to ask the female fan for WeChat. Unexpectedly, the female fan also readily agreed. The two sides added WeChat to each other. However, outside the video, the female fan could be heard talking to a boy. Maybe this is the reason. Girlfriend’s boyfriend!

Zhang Jiawen is so bold, adding WeChat in front of the female fan boyfriend, it can be seen that Zhang Jiawen is full of confidence now and is not afraid of being hurt by girls. But there is a girl, he still has to pay attention, this is Xiguamei, this is a tall and fat female anchor. In this event, he and Xiguamei formed a CP. Seeing him hook up with other girls, Xiguamei is naturally I can’t forgive, I directly threatened Zhang Jiawen not to hook up with other girls, or else I would serve with fists!