Zhang Jiawen hugs Sister Watermelon, the 400-pound fat man and the 100-pound dwarf, Zhang Dao loses face

Since the anchor Zhang Jiawen showed his face, we have seen that he is also immersed in participating in some programs, and sometimes even ridiculed by some water friends. During the process of showing his face in the past few months, he has made up for some programs that he did not participate in the previous few years. Now, I have to say that it makes sense. Although the anchor Zhang Jiawen is not particularly handsome, it is this earthy temperament that has become the focus of everyone’s attention, and the anchor Zhang Jiawen has never cared about how people make fun of himself. ‘s appearance.

More importantly, although the anchor Zhang Jiawen is not very handsome, he is very attractive to some female anchors. It may be because of his personality. In front of some female anchors, the anchor Zhang Jiawen shows a more squeamish and full of personality. I feel shy, but there is also some sense of humor in it. In the previous time, I made a lovely burial, and there was a lot of interaction between the two people. Some of the program effects produced still made everyone feel happy. During this period of time, the anchor Zhang Jiawen interacted with another female anchor, that is Sister Xigua. Speaking of Sister Xigua, a female anchor, I believe that players in many fields are aware of it, because in the circle, Sister Watermelon is called “the male god harvester” by many viewers and friends, and has cooperated with many male anchors, such as Yao Yang, Tong Jincheng and so on.

In addition to having more talents, such as belly dancing, the most important thing is that the watermelon sister has a relatively prominent appearance, a weight of 400 pounds and a height of 1m75, which makes the watermelon sister become a big man. In the show, if Zhang Jiawen and Sister Watermelon stand together, it is simply one big and one small. The contrast is very obvious. Although Zhang Jiawen is a pure man, it is very barbaric to use a male gun in the game, but in the In real life, the anchor Zhang Jiawen is less than 1m70 tall and weighs less than 100 pounds.

When the anchor Zhang Jiawen hugged Sister Watermelon affectionately, she even made her shy. Indeed, in front of Sister Watermelon, the anchor Zhang Jiawen was obviously like a little brother. I have to say that the anchor Zhang Jiawen is really unique. No matter who you stand with, it’s a shame, no matter if it’s the lovely buried buried before, or the current sister watermelon.

In general, although the anchor Zhang Jiawen has no advantages in terms of appearance and other aspects, he is still quite humorous and full of talent in live broadcast.