Zhang Jiawen changed to outdoor jungle? “72 Hours of Heart” likes to mention the cuckold, making a comeback in the second season

Zhang Jiawen is unrestrained in the world of LOL, and he does not leave a single line of field troops. His teammates are hungry like a horse building, and he is fat like a boss. Although his teammates were stunted, he was fortunately able to turn the tide and complete the comeback with one-on-five. Recently, Zhang Jiawen is not satisfied with the online jungler, and has started the offline outdoor mode of jungler. Therefore, he was invited to Huya’s live broadcast “Heartbeat 72 Hours” to start a heart-wrenching journey with many handsome men and beautiful women.

Friends who have watched the first season have all seen Zhang Jiawen, who combed his hair into an adult appearance, wore a self-imposed cool sunglasses and a vest suit, if he went back to the 90s, he might really attract girls. . But it is a pity that although he is known as the first male gun “Dirty Jiawen” in the canyon, but in reality, seeing the girl cowardly looks like a pony building. Because his personality is too inferior, not to mention this hot beauty, in the first season, he was madly manipulated by girls, and even gave him a green hat. Where has Zhang Jiawen seen such a scene, not only wearing a green hat to make girls happy, but also dancing with stockings in his hands, and even learning some unique skills of steel pipe.

Zhang Jiawen was very happy with the female guests, but he was still a little embarrassed in some parts, which caused him to fail in the final confession stage. Although fans in the audience have been giving him ideas, but Jiawen He is an honest person and disdains worldly routines. Because Zhang Jiawen failed to confess, he thought he could go home quietly, but he didn’t expect Jiawen to still be the protagonist among the male guests in the second season. It can be felt that the official took great pains to make his confession successful. The second season of “72 Hours of Heart”, which will be broadcast today on the 28th, also invited Zisheng, aj, and a new lineup of female guests.

The show didn’t predict who it was, but everyone should guess it was close to ten. There must be new faces as well as old acquaintances. Judging from the posters revealed in the live broadcast, Bingtang, Zhou Zhouzi, and Little Baby Bottle are all beautiful anchors with gentle personalities. Zhang Jiawen will definitely not be taken care of.

Will this wave of three days and three nights of “Heartbeat 72 Hours” make Zhang Jiawen’s confession a success? Will he get the job done? Let’s look forward to today’s show.