Zeng Keni: My dressing experience is to do subtraction

If you are talking about the most outstanding artist in “body management” in the current internal entertainment, then Zeng Keni, who once formed the limited combination “172Girls” with Jin Zihan, Liu Lingzi and Dai Yanni in the talent show variety show “Youth With You 2” must be very good. She has the right to speak. She is 2 centimeters taller than the team name. She has a proud figure and an unparalleled proportion. This is even confirmed by Liu Yuxin, who was on the same stage with her in “Blue You 2”. .

When filming a blockbuster before, she was good at dancing and not only showed her excellent performance as a dancer, but also showed the advantages of her figure with graceful movements. It can be said that she has refined legs.

What is enviable is that Zeng Keni, who has good congenital conditions, is also good at creating small surprises in her private clothes. Whether it is a sweet or cool girl, it can be perfectly controlled with her long legs. It’s no wonder that many people say that she is “a model of everyday wear for tall people”!

In this Sohu Fashion interview with Zeng Keni, let’s take a look at the daily dressing experience of this private wear expert, and see if her choice of “subtraction” can also bring you some lessons?

Zeng Keni: My style of dressing is actually “subtraction”. I don’t want to say everything, but choose a cleaner and more textured outfit, because I think this will make the whole person look more advanced. My favorite outfit lately is the sporty style, a damask with jeans, and sometimes a hat is often worn because the hair is too long to take care of.

However, in the face of the rapidly dropping temperature, how to show off a good figure while keeping warm and cold? Even Zeng Keni, who is in good shape, will start to struggle with the difficult multiple-choice questions that it is difficult to have both “fashion” and “temperature”. Of course, Zeng Keni still revealed a little trick to bring you some reference~

Zeng Keni: I think it’s hard to have both style and temperature, but if you want to show off your figure, I think you can wear a slightly tighter piece inside, with jeans underneath and a thicker piece on the outside. You can take off your down jacket when you get indoors, and your health is more important when you are outdoors.

In this visit to the limited-time experience space of Boucheron’s Quatre series, Zeng Keni, who was wearing a black suit, used Quatre White as the black embellishment all over her body, which was fresh, straightforward, and natural. For the choice of jewelry, Zeng Keni also has her own preferences, let’s hear what she has to say?

Zeng Keni: Boucheron is a very classic and versatile brand in my heart. I have also worn Boucheron accessories before. For me, it is suitable for daily commuting or formal occasions. matching works.

As for the color of the Quatre series, of course I like white the most. It is very classic, beautiful and versatile. Among the patterns in the series, my favorite should be the concentric circles. This one has a “ring ring” for me. It is a very good implication of interlocking”, whether it is family affection or friendship, this implication is very good.

When it comes to insisting on friendship, Zeng Keni recently played Zhuang Yu in the hit drama “Dark Clouds Meet the Bright Moon”, and she played such an excellent “Chinese best friend” that she was even willing to sacrifice herself for friendship, so that people watching the drama have Knocked up Zhuang Yu and Tan Jiao’s girlfriend line.

Does Zeng Keni have such an excellent best friend as Zhuang Yu herself? In her opinion, what girlfriends do things that will make her feel very warm, let’s take a look at her answers.

Zeng Keni: Zhuang Yu’s love for Tan Jiao is the only one. She has already sacrificed her life. I especially hope to have a “good Chinese girlfriend” like Zhuang Yu.

In fact, I don’t think it’s that important what your girlfriend does, and I don’t have to ask you to pick the stars in the sky. I think it’s more of four words – “always there” and “on call”. I am happy, I am sad, there is always someone who can share my joys, sorrows and joys with me, because after all, there is a saying that “girlfriends are relatives I choose by myself”, so I actually think that longevity is more important Yes.

In addition to his girlfriend relationship with Tan Jiao, Zhuang Yu also met Shen Shiyan, a boy who is not very good at communicating with girls, but is a little dull but has sincerity. What does Zeng Keni give to the communication with Shen Shiyan?” What about social tips?

Zeng Keni: They are actually quite good, they don’t need my advice! I think a boy like Shen Shiyan is actually better than anyone else. I think it’s good to be himself. As long as he is sincere, he is the best weapon.

In addition to modern outfits, Zeng Keni’s recent appearances in ancient costumes on variety shows and stages have also amazed many people. In particular, she used the appearance of Xiaoqing before, and she danced a past and present dance, which made people crazily praise Juezi. So does she herself also look forward to the opportunity to play Xiaoqing in the future?

Zeng Keni: As an actor, in fact, I don’t have much space and qualifications to choose scripts and roles. In fact, I’m more about doing things right in front of me, waiting for a good opportunity to find you, and I don’t want to let this opportunity pass up, so I don’t limit myself to what kind of role I want to play.

And I think that an actor is omnipotent. You must play a role like a role, not to say that you are very similar to this role. This is actually not interesting, and it is still more challenging.

As for the green snake, the dance is because I like it very much, and I also like the movie “Blue Snake” very much. The performance at that time was also a tribute. Next, if there is a chance, I will hope that I can act

Some chivalrous women, strong and handsome characters in martial arts, but they must not say too much – very cold and handsome chivalrous women.

Recently, I was also filming in the crew. I feel that I am a person whose plans are not as fast as changes. Now I want to do the things in front of me more. I will also work hard to accept other challenges!