Zelensky finally changed into new clothes to shoot the video of “accusing the Russian army for crimes”, but he was suspected of wearing it

It is reported that since the middle of this month, the Russian army has concentrated on attacking Ukraine’s energy facilities, which has created a lot of trouble for the Ukrainian government. The report said that not only missiles but also a growing number of “suicide drones”, believed by the local government to come from Iran, were a type of “witness-136” (Shaheds) that attacked Ukraine. Model, just painted with the Russian logo. During a previous visit to Canada, Ukrainian officials accused the Russian army of ordering a total of 2,000 such drones, less than a quarter of which were used, and many more waiting to attack Ukrainian civilians.

The report mentioned that, compared with missiles, the sudden and frequent deployment of such drones by Russia has created greater trouble for Ukraine. Because they can intercept missiles now, they have nothing to do with this low-flying, very small target, but to attack with ground weapons. In addition, although the origin of the “witness” drone is Iran, after Russia changed its logo, both Russia and Iran firmly refused to admit it, and no valid information could be obtained from the wreckage parts, even Europe and the United States only It said it was “looking for evidence”, and if confirmed, it would impose sanctions on Iran.

Three days ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suddenly shot a video to accuse the Russian army of “crimes”. The video was filmed on a street where Zelenskiy stood next to the wreckage of a drone in brand new clothes with a serious expression. He accused the Russian army of having dispatched more than 30 “Witness-136” suicide drones in just two days, but they fought hard to shoot down 23 of them; he also expressed his gratitude to the global efforts to combat drones. Donation, a set of parallel sentences is used to describe this: cut off the wings of the “metal monster” together, the enemy’s plane will fall, the enemy’s helicopter will fall, the “witness-136” drone will fall, only The Ukrainian people will not fall.

However, after the video was released, some professionals pointed out that the processing of this video was suspected to be a posed shot rather than a real scene. Probably in order to show the effect, (the filming party) specially set the venue near residential houses, with clear drones and Zelensky’s accusation intended to emphasize that the drones “attacked civilians”; but the background light effect extended And the details of the houses look very strange, more like a picture of a curtain; and according to the video imaging, the clarity of Zelensky and the drone must be formed by someone deliberately lighting it, and the whole video cannot even tell whether it is not. It was shot at night. The most intuitive feeling is more like shooting a “stage play” sample, with a protagonist standing in the middle of the stage and performing.

It is also worth mentioning that the original intention of the video is to call on the global public to pay attention to Ukraine and express their support for them, but Zelensky was careful not to mention Iran, but repeatedly implied that the drones were produced in Iran. In contradiction to it, on the 28th, Iranian Foreign Minister Abdullahyan and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba had a phone call. Kuleba also praised Iran for “not providing weapons to fight against Ukraine.” Obviously, drones also belong to weapons, so the attitude of the Ukrainian government is not consistent. A comment on the matter said: “Zelensky may not be concerned about Iran’s supply of drones to Russia, because they have dozens of countries behind them providing weapons; but the more deliberately stressed that ‘most drones were shot down’ ‘The more difficult it is to deceive Russia, the more drone strikes it will lead to, because many people know that anti-aircraft weapons don’t work so well against such cheap equipment.”