Zelensky: Aircraft missiles are needed

Reference News Network reported on January 26 According to TASS news agency Kiev reported on January 26, after the Western countries announced on the 25th that they would provide Ukraine with tanks, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine now needs the West to provide aircraft and missiles. .

He posted a video on his social media channel “Telegram” saying: “Speak to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg today. The supply of long-range missiles should be opened to Ukraine. Importantly, we should expand the field of artillery Cooperation in this regard should provide Uzbekistan with aircraft.”

Zelensky said earlier that he had discussed with Stoltenberg how to remove obstacles to supplying Ukraine with “an entirely new type of weapon”.

According to Agence France-Presse, Zelensky also urged Western countries to provide a sufficient number of tanks as soon as possible on the 25th.

“Speed ​​and numbers are key now” when it comes to weapons delivery and soldier training, he said.

On the 25th, the US government announced that it would transfer 31 M1 “Abrams” tanks to Kyiv. The German government confirmed that it will provide Ukraine with 14 German spare “Leopard” -2 tanks and allow other countries to re-export such tanks. The defense ministries of Norway and Slovakia also expressed their intention to provide tanks to Ukraine on the same day. Earlier, the British, French and Polish governments announced their decision to supply Kyiv with tanks. (Compilation/He Yingjun)