ZCool completed tens of millions of yuan in C1 round of financing, invested by Hillhouse Ventures

Source: Hunting Cloud Network

According to recent news, ZCool has completed a C1 round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investor is Hillhouse Ventures. This round of financing is mainly used for technology research and development, product iteration, and experience innovation and upgrading.

It is understood that Zukuo was established in 2006. It has grown from the original original designer community Zukuo.com to a design and creative ecological platform for the three core brands of Zanku.com, Zanku Hailuo and Zanku.

As a one-stop genuine visual content platform under Zcool, Zaku Hailuo, which was launched in 2014, has successively provided services for Alibaba, JD.com, Amazon, Xiaomi and other more than 100,000 companies, brands and individuals provide services. Up to now, Zunku Hailuo has sold more than 420 million genuine pictures online, more than 200,000 updated daily, more than 600,000 peaks, more than 26 million high-definition videos, more than 280,000 music, and more than 700 fonts. . These contents come from more than 500,000 creators and institutions in 160 countries and regions around the world.

In September of this year, Zhanku developed its own AIGC product – AI Creation Lab, which can generate high-quality images within 1 minute through text input. Since the public beta, hundreds of thousands of images have been generated.

At present, Zukuo.com has gathered 15 million+ designers, illustrators, artists, and creative people, covering 13 design categories and covering 300+ cities around the world.

In terms of team, the founder Liang Yaoming is an advertising designer who has worked in Shanda Network and Maopu; CTO is the former Zhihu senior technical director, the leader of the big data and algorithm team, and established Zhihu’s recommendation algorithm technology system from 0 to 1. He has more than ten years of experience in natural language processing, search and recommendation, big data and other technical fields, and has worked for Baidu, Wandoujia and Zhihu successively. Most of the other core members are from design backgrounds and have rich experience in design services and design management.