Yuanshin: Qiqi became a zombie because of the “Battle of Immortals and Demons”, no wonder he had to hug Qiqi from behind, the reason was the edict

Let’s talk about the important things first: Qi Qi Liu’s life has changed qualitatively, and fallen teammates can be resurrected.

Qiqi is a 5-star ice-based character in the game “Yuanshen”. The herbal girl and apprentice of “Bubu Lu” in Yaolu has an immortal body because of “immortal fate”, so she needs to give herself an order when she acts.

Qiqi’s memory is very poor. In order to ensure the smoothness of her daily life, she carries a notebook with all kinds of precautions. But in the most unfortunate days, she would even forget about “seeing the notes”.

Since it’s a zombie, the lack of facial expressions is also forgivable. Don’t look at it as a zombie, in fact, he has been exercising seriously all the time. Very poor memory. Too much thinking is also one of the reasons for being cold to people. The appearance always stays in the year of passing, and the age cannot be tested. Zombies need to obey orders. But for some reason, Qiqi is now in a state of giving himself an edict.

What is the relationship between walnut and Qiqi in “Yuanshen”?

Yuanshen Walnut and Qiqi are friends. The character in the game Yuanshen and its derivative works produced by Hutao Mihayou, the seventy-seventh generation owner of Liyue Reincarnation Hall, an important person in control of Liyue funeral affairs, dedicated to completing the farewell ceremony maintenance for people In addition to the way of balancing yin and yang in the world, he is also a magical poet, and many masterpieces have been passed down by Liyue from mouth to mouth.

About the fact that Qiqi is a zombie

In fact, Qiqi has been doing gymnastics in order to maintain a state close to a normal person. Hu Tao, the seventy-seventh generation owner of “Rebirth Hall”, was not optimistic about this. Every time she saw Qiqi, she said enthusiastically, “It would be easier to be buried by me.” I thought, Qiqi should not want to be buried. Therefore, she only exercises on nights when no one is there. Qiqi, who has an immortal body, can’t remember things. Within three days, she will forget everyone. But this may be a good thing. Of course, the person who needs to be remembered by Qiqi the most at the moment… not only has a bad face (goose goose), but will also be with her day after day. Wander before your eyes. Therefore, Qiqi himself did not care about the problem of “bad memory”. Guess it has muscle memory, guessing.

According to official information, an ordinary herbal girl named Qiqi entered the fairyland by mistake and accidentally broke her leg, so she entered the cave to rest. Busy bandaging the wound, she vaguely heard an extraordinary sound, but did not expect that after the loud noise, she would be trapped between life and death forever. Fairy or demon, righteous or evil… Both sides understand that she is just a mortal, an innocent who was tragically affected. It may be because of God’s will that she, who was on the verge of death, accidentally got the “God’s Eye”, thus ending the battle between the fairy and the devil. The immortals couldn’t bear it, and each took a strand of immortal power and sealed it into Qiqi’s body, trying to revive her body. However, although the awakened Qiqi was reborn, he fell into an unprecedented madness because he couldn’t control the immortal power in his body… In order to calm the restlessness, “Shui Dishan Zhenjun” had no choice but to take this unfortunate girl. Sealed in amber.

A hundred years later, when Qiqi was discovered, he was sent to the “Rebirth Hall” for burial. On the way, it may be a bump on the way, or the power of the seal has weakened for a hundred years. Qiqi woke up again, broke the seal quietly that night, and escaped. It may be fate. Go straight to the forest. On the way, she happened to meet Bai Zhu, the owner of the medicine house “Bubu House”, and took her in. Bai Zhu’s medical skills are superb, but he is not a high-spirited person who is willing to help others, but he still advocates keeping Qi Qi. Even if Qi Qi knows, there are more ulterior motives behind it, but for Qi Qi, it is also a feeling.