Yuanshen announced the role of the grass god PV, the god’s turn was caught off guard, and the player shouted “raised the church”

The 3.2 version update is imminent, and Yuanshen also recently announced the character PV “Happy Birthday” of Nasida, the grass god. As a very popular character, the role PV of the grass god Naxida can be said to be very “surprise”, so that when the PV was announced, it directly aroused the “anger” of many Genshin Impact players, and bluntly said that he wanted to “raise the Academy”. Everyone knows that the grass god is imprisoned by the church, but what information is in the PV of the grass god that makes many players hate the church so much?

At the beginning of the PV, Yuanshen took everyone into Naxida’s dreamland with the phrase “the float is up and down”. The imprisoned Naxida had a beautiful dream. In the dream, a group of travelers rescued her from the captivity of the Church. She was recognized by everyone and welcomed by everyone as a god. The color of the picture is warm, and the dream is also very lively, which is reassuring. Seeing this, the players thought that this should be the good life after Naxida was rescued. However, Yuanshen’s single-handed “God Turning” made the player bewildered.

As soon as the PV screen changed, it changed from a warm tone directly to a very impactful black and red color scheme. The original energetic Nacida and the Traveler Team “changed” and lost their color, and the Traveler team even became The person who could not see his face disappeared as the sand disappeared into the wind, and only Naxida was forcibly taken away. The most outrageous thing is that although the picture has become completely different from the previous style, the lines of the PV have never changed: “God, it can be considered that I have found you, and everyone is looking forward to meeting you.” This set of punches came down, and the feeling of nightmare came spontaneously.

After such a bizarre picture, the picture warmed up a little, but Naxida showed an expression that was not happy. This expression and the plot of being forced to be taken away are not difficult to remind players of the scene of Naxida crying and weeping in the preview of 3.2. It is also for this reason that players who have experienced “Naxida’s beautiful dream is broken” and “Baby Naxida was bullied and cried again” directly “fired with anger”, and bluntly said in the PV comment area, “Follow me to pacify the Church” and “Break up the Church”. “.

The poem “Float Up and Down” is repeated four times in the entire PV, and the first three times seem to be in “dreamland”, only the fourth time has the feeling of dust being settled, it’s hard not to let Players think of the “loop” and “Three Laws of Everything” that appeared many times in the main line of Sumeru. From the point of view of artistic expression, the constant corresponds to the change, and the poetic form with a sense of weirdness is used to “set the beauty with the strange”. This unexpected and terrifying concept also allows Yuanshen to achieve the desired Effect: Not only did players start to guess the plot, but the huge psychological gap made players “be wary of the nightmare of the Seven Gods PV”.

Of course, not only is the middle part highly praised by players as Yuanshen’s “highest level PV since the server was launched” because of the existence of rhyme, but the performance of Japanese part in foreign countries is also very amazing. In addition to the PV ranking first on the daily push, the anchor was watching Naxida with a smile on his face when he was watching the grass god PV live. When the scene changed to the “evil deed” performed by the church, the anchor shouted “” unforgivable”. It can be seen that the grass god role PV of Yuanshen has indeed had the effect of shocking and “angrying” players.

In addition to the plot and hidden plot lines, Yuanshen also added a lot of details to the PV of the God of Grass, and the Tivat text under the Chinese subtitles is one of them. After the PV was released, some players have already interpreted the meaning of these words. From the current point of view, there is a high probability that it is a “knife”. I can only hope that Yuanbao will show mercy and let the lovely Naxida live a happy life!

All in all, the PV information content of the character of the grass god is very large, and as a short film, its visual effects and psychological shock are indeed a work with a relatively high level of Uehara God, and players who are interested can also combine the 3.2 preview. The mentioned World Tree makes a bold guess about the grass god, 3.2 and the future direction of the journey. But no matter what, “burning the church” is already everyone can’t wait. I believe that Yuanshen will definitely give you a very exciting ending of the main plot of Xumi in 3.2.