Yuanshen and Eternal Jie Wujian were shortlisted for several top 10 games in 2022, and the first of the King of Glory was absent?

As the “Top Ten Annual List of Games” organized by the China Audio and Digital Association Game Working Committee, it can be said that major game manufacturers and independent game studios pay close attention to and actively participate in important activities every year, and the games that can stand out and enter the top ten list , all of which are the most popular masterpieces in the player group. However, some netizens found that the former mobile game first brother and “King of Glory”, which easily exceeded 100 million in monthly flow, was absent from this list.

In the past two years, domestic game masterpieces have been published frequently, and there are many phenomenal games alone, such as Genshin Impact, Dyson Ball Project, Harry Potter, Eternal Robbery and many other games, which have quickly occupied half of the domestic games since their launch. It is deeply loved and supported by players.

As the phenomenal games “Yuan Shen” and “Eternal Calamity” that were launched last year, they are the best among them. With the theme of the open world and two-dimensional style of painting, “Yuan Shen” has topped the best-selling list on multiple platforms after its launch, and the global cumulative revenue has exceeded 3.6 billion US dollars, which is enough to prove how successful “Yuan Shen” is.

As a competitive game “Eternal Calamity” that inherits traditional Chinese culture, I believe that the friends who often pay attention to the game circle must be familiar with it. Since the official public beta was launched last year, it has instantly attracted a large number of players to indulge in it. It took only half a year to successfully sell more than 10 million copies, and successfully won the throne of the domestic buyout system. .

The reason why “Eternal Calamity” can have such a high popularity today is inseparable from the excellent production of the game. You must know that in order to make the weapons and scenes in the game more historically restored, the official Yongjie will pay attention to any details. It will be linked with the Pingyao Ancient City Weapons Museum and the Hangzhou Museum to reproduce weapons and fashion styles according to historical prototypes. , even the name of the map scene and the background of the story in the game are closely related to history, which makes many players sigh that they can still learn history by playing the game.

On the other hand, the hard-core combat mechanism in the game, as well as the gameplay of martial arts battle royale, coupled with excellent action systems such as vibrating swords and accumulating power, allow players to use the moves corresponding to various weapons to start a battle with other players. The fierce battle makes it easy for players to immerse themselves in the fun of the game and cannot extricate themselves.

Moreover, in order to meet the high demand of players constantly seeking newness, Yongjie official also optimizes and changes the game at a high-frequency rhythm. New heroes, new skins and new modes of gameplay are emerging in an endless stream, so that players have new content before they get tired of it. It can be experienced, and naturally countless old players have not left since the server was launched, and it has also attracted many new players to enter the pit. According to the official statistics of Steam, the average activity of players who have never been robbery is still as high as 100,000, which is not lost at the stage of just opening the server.

It is precisely because of this that “Eternal Calamity” can gain its current popularity, and it has successfully won two awards in last year’s top ten list, and this year it has also been shortlisted in multiple lists. So, do you think “Eternal Calamity” can continue to successfully make the list this year?