Yuanshen 3.2 version preview is open, the grass god will appear in the week, and the most conscientious NPC will return to the scene

On October 23rd, Genshin Impact launched the preview live broadcast of version 3.2. This live broadcast is different from the previous two versions. Although it has returned to the form of character hosting again, Gemini, Sino and Nasida have shown everyone the rich content of version 3.2 by opening the story of the “Book of Mysteries”. Let’s take a look with Fanfan, what kind of new content Yuanshin will bring to you in version 3.2!

The first is the main storyline of the much-received Xumi Demon God quest. According to the preview live broadcast of Genshin Impact 3.2 version, Xumi’s Demon God mission is about to come to an official end. Traveler, Sino, El Heisen and his party formed a team and officially embarked on the route of fighting against the Church and saving Xiaocao God. , Nilu will also “do a big thing” in version 3.2. At the same time, the doctor who came to Xumi will also leave Xumi, and once again mentioned “the world tree and the truth of the world”. The skirmishers who “became gods” with the help of the Church Academy seem to have also become gods, and stand on the opposite side of the grass god Naxida. How the main quest will end will be experienced by travelers in version 3.2.

Then there is the arrangement of the 3.2 card pool. The much-anticipated grass god Naxida finally officially appeared, and brought her special martial arts and legendary tasks to the traveler’s side. The Xiao Palace will also be re-engraved in the first half. The second half is the re-enactment of Dadalia and Yae Kamiko. Previously, travelers in Inawi and Yagong, Kamiko and those who like the son can rush in with confidence! At the same time, the four-star new character Ice-type one-handed sword Layla will enter the second half of the card pool.

The skills of the Grass God and Layla are also of great benefit to the traveler. Grass God’s elemental combat skills can not only cause damage, but also interact with flowers and plants within a certain distance in the non-combat phase, which is very useful for collecting materials that are scattered in tricky locations. Elemental burst is to create a field, which will produce different effects according to the fire, thunder and water characters in the team. Of course, the skill movements and special effects are also very gorgeous, with very character characteristics and the appearance of gods!

Layla is a character that can generate ice coordinated attacks. When the characters in the team perform basic attacks, they can accumulate ice-based “little stars”, which can cause ice element damage to the enemy after they are launched. Maybe it is very suitable for use. Come to team up with characters like Ayato and Yagiya who play normal attacks.

In version 3.2, Genshin Impact also added a new weekly BOSS for Travelers – Skirmishers. It is estimated that the skirmishers should have approached the form of gods with the help of the Church, and were arranged into Zhouben in the shape of mechas. From the foresight, we can see that the mecha form of the skirmishers is very oppressive. Whether it is the height that can’t be seen when looking up, or the multi-element attack of the dominating field, Fanfan is a little shivering. However, Yuanshen also arranged a new fighting method and assistant for the traveler. The traveler can charge the following green elves to cause high damage to the skirmishers. At the same time, through the element array on the ground, it can also inspire different attack response. I have to say that the challenge and fun of the skirmishers are directly full!

In the 3.2 version, Genshin Impact also arranged many activities with novel gameplay. The first is “taming the mushroom beast”, players can get rewards by training a team of mushroom beasts, teaching them to guard the town stone and defeat the enemy. Then there are gameplays that are very suitable for the role, such as players can use Yan Fei and Keli’s attacks to play football, use Ye Lan’s fast movement to avoid obstacles, and use the whereabouts of Mandrill to attack to reset the slate, etc. The “Phaseless Grass” of the Wuxiang family will also join the 3.2 event, bringing new challenges to everyone’s battles.

At the same time, the original god of the original stone in the white prostitute has also brought benefits to many travelers. The most gratifying thing is that our good brother Liben is back, and he also came back with the painter who can give the original stone by taking pictures. These two relaxing activities are started together, and the big guy can have another wave of rough harvests!

The dust song pot gameplay has also undergone an epic expansion. I believe that the big guys have not watched the masterpieces of the construction giants in the dust song pot, and they are envious and have no time to build them. In version 3.2, Yuanshen is about to launch a copy of the dust song pot. By copying the dust song pot template shared by others, you can directly move the decoration of other people’s mansions into your own home!

In the end, Yuanshen did not forget to bring you the latest linkage news outside the game: Yuanshen and OnePlus will launch a brand-new co-branded mobile phone, and the popular Walnut will be selected as the linkage role, and the related conference will also be launched. It was officially held on October 24. In this linkage, not only linked mobile phones will be launched, but also a lot of peripherals will be born at the same time. Friends who want to consider changing mobile phones can pay attention to it!

The above is a summary of most of the new content of the preview live broadcast of Genshin Impact 3.2! Overall, whether it is the story of Xumi or the appearance of Xumi’s gods, Fanfan is full of curiosity about the upcoming 3.2, and the fun-filled activities and the update of daily gameplay can also bring a lot of joy to life. I don’t know which character everyone in front of the screen is going to take home in version 3.2?