“Yuan Shen” version 3.2 preview special program, the anchor will take you to interpret the version!

Dear travelers, at 20:00 pm on October 23 (this Sunday), the special program of “Genshin Impact” version 3.2 preview is coming!

This special program will bring the updated content of version 3.2 “Void Incitement, Victory Fire” in the official live broadcast room of Yuanshen. There are also benefits such as original stone redemption codes in the live broadcast room! In addition to the preview of the content of the new version, the anchors of the zone , Yueguang , Long Siye , and Miss Chuchu, will also work with you to explain the version in depth, answer your questions, and send game props such as original stones and game peripherals in the live broadcast room~

From October 21st, come to the channel-Yuanshen Qiuqiu Ren Brigade to participate in the topic interaction of #3.2 Prospective Prophet#, and draw the surrounding rewards of Yuanshen. On the night of the preview program on October 23, there will also be the head anchor of the Douyu Yuanshen area- -Moonlight Demon King, guest channel, participate in the interaction in real time!

Lock the official live broadcast room of Yuanshen in advance, and look forward to the arrival of the new version with the anchors!