Yu Dengyun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a popular science lecture in Wugang

Red Net Moment News, April 1st (Reporter Luo Qian, Correspondent Wang Xiwen) On April 1st, Academician Yu Dengyun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences came to the Party School of Wugang Municipal Party Committee to give a science and technology topic entitled “Development Status and Prospects of China’s Deep Space Exploration” teach. More than 600 people, including cadres from government agencies and institutions in Wugang, entrepreneurs and representatives of teachers and students, participated.

Yu Dengyun is an expert in space vehicle system engineering, dynamics and control, and one of the leaders in the field of deep space exploration and high-orbit high-resolution remote sensing satellites. Systematic and creative achievements have been made in the theory, method and practice of coupling dynamics and control of complex systems. He has presided over or participated in the development of many major national aerospace projects such as Chang’e-4, Gaofen-4, and Ziyuan-1. Solved a series of key technical problems such as orbit design and control under the complex constraints of human’s first moon landing detection, high-quality imaging of the world’s first high-orbit high-resolution remote sensing satellite, and made outstanding contributions to China’s major projects such as lunar exploration and high-scoring .

At the report meeting, Yu Dengyun explained five aspects of what is deep space exploration, the significance of deep space exploration, and the development of deep space exploration in the world, focusing on the exploration of Chang’e-4, Chang’e-5 and Tianwen-1. history and a series of breakthroughs in space technology and achievements in space science. Yu Dengyun said that deep space exploration is of great significance to promote scientific development and technological progress, satisfy human beings’ pursuit of the unknown and spiritual pursuit, and enhance national status and national cohesion. He hoped that the students present would improve their scientific and technological literacy, enhance their scientific interest, innovation awareness and innovation ability, and strive to grow into useful talents for building a scientific and technological power.

“Behind the major breakthroughs made by China’s aerospace industry are the results of countless astronauts’ perseverance, innovation and hard work. We will vigorously promote the spirit of spaceflight, the spirit of scientists, and the spirit of innovation, and always maintain scientific curiosity, dare to dream, and be brave. Chasing dreams, not being afraid of hardships on the way to school, working hard, contributing youthful strength to the realization of the Chinese dream.” After the report meeting, everyone expressed that they had benefited a lot.

It is reported that this public welfare lecture for academicians is one of the series of activities of the “First Hunan Science and Technology Innovation Forum Launch Ceremony and Academician Expert Shaoyang Tour”, which aims to give full play to the high-end leading and leading role of academicians and experts in science popularization and science education, and further Carry forward the spirit of manned spaceflight, demonstrate the extraordinary charm of science, stimulate the public’s enthusiasm for innovation, and gather the powerful forces to realize the Chinese dream of spaceflight.