Ys 9: Night of the Geeks is coming to PS5 next spring

Ys 9: Night of the Geeks is coming to PS5 next spring

Publisher NIS America and developer Falcom have announced that the PlayStation 5 version of the ARPG Ys 9: Night of the Freaks will be available in spring 2023. This release will include all previously available downloadable skins.

Ys 9: Night of the Geeks first released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 26, 2019, followed by North America on February 2, 2021, and Europe on February 5, 2021. The PC and Stadia versions will be released globally on July 6, 2021, while the Switch version will be released in North America. The Switch version launches in Europe on July 9, and Japan on September 9, 2021.

About this game


“Baldoc” is located in the Glia Eltlingen region in northeastern Estria. Taking this huge city known as “Prison City” as the stage, “Monstrums” with supernatural abilities will open the prelude to a new adventure story in order to track down the mystery hidden in the prison.

■Game introduction

This work retains the signature features of the “Ys” series, such as a variety of skill attacks, high-speed action such as free sprinting and jumping, and tense battles with giant bosses that make sweaty palms, and matches the stage of “Ys IX”. Setting, adding new elements such as “supernatural action” that freely explores the wilderness with the special ability of “weird”!

■Includes all the extras!

The PS5 version will fully build in a variety of additional props such as costumes, decorative props and consumable props that are open to download on other platforms. These include costume props that can change the costumes of the “weird” people into “weird stage show”, the “hug” series that can be attached to the character’s arm, the “magic set” that can increase the level, and the game until the end of the game. Consumable items such as “accessory sets” that can come in handy, even players who are not good at action games or players who have played “Ys IX” can easily experience the fun of this game!

Run freely in every corner of the prison city with various styles!

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