[Youth Zakan] Have you got the “happiness” of college students!

  College life is more than study and work

there are other worth

something you spend your time with

Of course to learn

be a living person

If you feel like exercising

words that don’t make you happy

That’s not really

keep running for a long distance

The dopamine produced is comparable to falling in love

So get active

Have a “love” with your body

go for a long run


The meaning of physical examination

In order to promote college students to strengthen exercise, improve their physical health, and make students aware of the importance of health to the progress and development of human life. Having a healthy physique is an important foundation for success. Let students understand that only by insisting on regular participation in sports activities and developing a good habit of persevering in physical exercise can they enhance their physique and improve their health.

Through the measurement of college students’ physique, it will also lay a foundation for my country’s national physique monitoring system to grasp the laws of the development and changes of Chinese college students’ physique and implement the guiding ideology of health first.

Effectively strengthen the school sports work, promote students to actively participate in physical exercise to develop good exercise habits, and improve the physical health of college students.

Endurance running is for you

What does it mean?

The benefits of endurance running

The 1000-meter run for boys and the 800-meter run for girls are to test the development level of students’ endurance quality, especially the function of cardiovascular and respiratory system and muscle endurance.

The 50-meter running performance can comprehensively reflect the flexibility of neural processes, the coordination of the body, the flexibility of joints and muscles, and the strength and endurance of muscles.

They can not only partially reflect the comprehensive quality of physical movement, but also the basic physical quality that people must possess to engage in sports activities and learn sports skills.


Dress comfortably, especially shoes! Sneakers for endurance runs, spikes for explosive sprints; be sure to wear light tracksuits or casual clothing.

Be sure to eat something, but be careful not to overeat. If it is a morning physical examination, you can bring some small bread or the like, because sometimes it may be extended if it is slow. Pay attention to simple diet, avoid fasting and full stomach.

A lot of exercise not only consumes sugar, but also loses a lot of water, inorganic salts, potassium, calcium and so on. Therefore, when supplementing energy, we must also consider the substances required for these movements. For example, sports drinks, running accelerators have strong bonito.

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