Young people’s sports coupes start at 64,900! Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan Mach version sold “off the hook”

On October 29, 2022, an interesting soul laugh hit the whole network, and the brand new Yixuan Mach version of Dongfeng Fengshen, positioned as “the first sports coupe for young people”, is in the crazy big and small Yang Ge, Hulan, Xu Zhisheng, Tuti , Hu Ge, Mi Duo and a large number of traffic giants and talk show actors gathered under the “General Mobilization”, and officially listed in the form of an online live talk show. 93,900 yuan.


The all-round development of “top students”, the “intersection” choice of young people

Carrying more than half a century of Dongfeng’s car-making accumulation, Dongfeng Fengshen has always kept pace with the times, hoping to resonate with the “young people” of every era. As “the first sports coupe for young people”, the launch of the new Yixuan Mach version is aimed at the current young trend, breaking the traditional form, and gathering the crazy big and small Yang Ge, Hulan, Xu Zhisheng, Tuti, Mi Duo, etc. The traffic celebrities and talk show actors who have a high degree of attention among young people, let them “talk to each other” on the spot, and devoted themselves to creating an interesting, interesting, interesting, and beneficial talk show conference for young people— – The car selection concepts of “breaking the circle of strength” and “breaking the circle of appearance” face-to-face PK, and the wonderful “mutual confrontation war” is about to start, and it can’t be controlled.

(Picture: Crazy Big Brother Yang cuts the new Yixuan Mach version of the rear wing live to show the internal structure)

(Picture: The number of running lights and headlight beads in the live evaluation of the crazy size Yang Ge) (Picture: The crazy size Yang Ge live evaluation of the new Yixuan Mach version of the suede seat is dirty and wear-resistant)

(Picture: Crazy Big Brother Yang smashes the new Yixuan Mach version bumper to test safety)

As the protagonist of this conference, the reason why the Yixuan Mach version can become a well-deserved “intersection” of many car-chosen audiences is precisely because it is an “excellent student” with all-round development: whether it agrees with “beautiful appearance” or “performance first” One”, the Yixuan Mach version can be combined into one to poke the hearts of young people and satisfy their expectations of having both.

(Picture: Talk show master Hulan – strength to interpret the high-level sense of humor in talk show) (Picture: Talk show master Tuti – hilarious and hilarious jokes)

(Picture: Car critic Mi Duo – a cross-border talk show with strength, it has reached a new height) (Picture: Xu Zhisheng, a talk show master – the appearance of a powerful faction breaks the circle)


Won the first endorsement of “Crazy Little Brother Yang”, Dongfeng Fengshen’s new flower “young”

Dongfeng Fengshen was selected as an endorsement brand for the first time, and the brand-new Yixuan Mach version of “Crazy Little Brother Yang” has aroused enthusiastic responses from users born in the 1995s and 2000s.

On the 25th, Xiao Yang’s Douyin account officially released a promotional video for cooperation with Dongfeng Fengshen on the basis of the previous official announcement to cooperate with Dongfeng Fengshen.

“Full of sense of luxury! Looking forward to the launch of the Yixuan Mach version!” Many netizens commented. The film is adapted from the real experience of Brother Xiao Yang’s growth. At the moment when struggle is advocated, it pays tribute to the new generation of young people who are struggling for their dreams and love. Within a few hours of the first day of release of the short film, the number of views immediately exceeded 47 million, the number of likes was nearly 2 million, and it triggered a hot search on Douyin and interactive discussions on the entire network.

One is the well-deserved traffic king of the short video platform, and the other is the “CTCC Cornering King” and “the first sports coupe for young people”, which are powerful and eye-catching in the sports coupe industry. They are also aimed at young people and are also committed to serving them. Bringing joy, benefits, and positive energy, the combination of the two will inevitably set off a “new dazzling style” among young people.


The light of domestic products “the strongest Chinese core” surging power control at will

As the “light of domestic products”, Dongfeng Fengshen’s new Yixuan Mach version is highly sought after by young consumers. Its cool appearance, ultimate driving control, safe quality and super cost-effectiveness can be called the “performance ceiling” and “”performance ceiling” among products of the same level. King of value for money”.

In the previous large-scale professional and mass media test drives, the Yixuan Mach version has won waves of testimonials. like. Inheriting the corner hunting genes of Yixuan CTCC annual championship, with the blessing of more high-end configurations, the new Yixuan Mach version is worthy of the title of “Bend King”. The new Yixuan Mach version is equipped with Dongfeng Mach power as standard, providing two sets of power systems: Mach power 1.5T turbocharged version and Mach power 1.5L self-priming version. This power system, which is 100% controlled by Dongfeng Motor, reserves 14 world-leading technologies.

At the moment of self-improvement of domestic products, the launch of the new Yixuan Mach version is giving Aeolus customers an excellent reason to support independence and enjoy “Made in China”.


Both appearance and intelligence are combined with “cool cover” to pull the wind out of the street

The new Yixuan Mach Edition is here for the cool guy new youth. Growing up with economic globalization, digitization, and the great social and economic development, they are confident and self-reliant, willing to show off their individuality, live out themselves, dare to try new things, and bring their own strength and edge.

The design of the new car coupe shows the track genes of the Yixuan family everywhere, so that the cool guys who pursue a novel and personalized experience can fully pursue the principle of appearance first and accelerate with appearance. The design of the body line is like a strong storm swept through the carving, whether it is shuttled in the city or galloping on the road, creating a large-scale visual sense in minutes; 17-inch dark whirlwind sports wheels + light-chasing sports colorful calipers, in the details It exudes the breath of youth hormones; the electric racing car seat + double-encircling cockpit design makes it easy for people to become “racing drivers”, turning the previously bland road to work into blood!

(Picture: Panoramic interior)

(E-sports car seat + double-encircling cockpit design)

Kugai Youth Club can play, and has higher requirements for “smart technology”, and the intimate intelligent system equipped with the Yixuan Mach version completely hits the high point. The new-generation Windlink X2.0 artificial intelligence vehicle system has high sensitivity, and the newly added functions such as remote control and Bluetooth key greatly reduce the user’s multi-threaded operation burden. Assisted driving functions such as intelligent early warning system for vehicles behind RCTA, always escort.

(13-inch large central control screen)

In order to embrace young customers, Dongfeng Fengshen continues to deepen product reforms around the direction of “modeling, power and intelligence”, enhances the “young atmosphere” of products, and continuously listens to the voices of young people, and integrates with young people in marketing promotion and communication. This listing also played a more “young-like” new car launch. The new Yixuan Mach version has been fully upgraded, both in terms of appearance and strength, and it has improved a few levels, but the price is very close to the people and very cost-effective. Young people popularize high-performance and cost-effective automotive products. The Dongfeng Fengshen brand, which aims to be a “high-end performance popularizer”, is rapidly galloping on the young track with the blessing of technical confidence and product confidence. As of this month, it has surpassed the best annual sales in history and is aiming for a higher target and a larger market. advance.