You can understand it at a glance, and you will learn it! Stay at home during the epidemic, let’s practice “scientific fitness 18 methods”

In order to cooperate with epidemic prevention

Recently, many citizens have been quarantined at home

then we should

How to do scientifically effective at home

What about exercise?

Today I recommend it to you

A set of “Scientific Fitness 18 Laws” exercise skills

You can understand it at a glance, learn it, and practice it effectively

Practice now!


lazy cat arched back

The back of the arm chair is arched and the back is not tired by stretching the spine

Stretching like a cat, the shoulders are relaxed and not tired

Improve thoracic spine flexibility

Improve shoulder discomfort and prevent hunchback

Prevent and delay shoulder and waist strain


four-way nod

Four-way head point exercise for neck and shoulders 

The action is very simple and expensive, and it is practiced every day 

Relax neck muscles and improve shoulder and neck discomfort

Prevent cervical spondylosis


Angel against the wall

Back against the wall with arms outstretched

Stick to the wall slowly and slowly return to the original state

Improves shoulder mobility and scapular stability

Relieve shoulder and neck tension


butterfly spread wings

The elbows should be raised in place and tightened inward. Don’t be tired.

Spreading its wings like a butterfly, improving breast and hunchback

Improve scapular stability and improve rounded hunchback posture

Improve shoulder strength and improve shoulder and neck tension


Lucky cat

Arm up and down, alternately repeat multiple times

Diligent practice to strengthen the shoulders, shoulder and elbow function is not bad

Improve scapular stability and increase rotator cuff strength

Relieve shoulder and neck tension, shape shoulders


gecko crawling

Press the body forward steadily and climb up against the wall with both hands

Repeat up and down several times, with breathing to train the scapula

Improve core stability and improve coordination

Strengthen upper body strength and relieve shoulder and neck tension


4 word stretch

Single-leg “four” upturned, keep the posture and fix the foot

Breathe deeply in front of your body

Stretches the hip muscles and improves hip flexibility

Relieve lower back tension


lateral extension

Raise your hands and cross them, bend your body sideways and pull to the side

Alternate left and right stretches to loosen the top of the waist

Stretch the side muscles of the torso

Improve shoulder, neck and waist tension


standing stretch

Standing on one leg, grab the top of the foot, point the leg behind the torso

Lowers the difficulty of the armchair back, relieves tightness and soreness in the waist

Improve lower back tension

Prevent waist and knee joint strain


fight left and right

Sit in a stable chair with your hands crossed over your inner knees

Thighs inwards, hands resisting, leaning forward and not forgetting

Improve hip stability and strengthen adductor muscles

Improve upper body strength


chair top hip

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart

Slightly bend your knees and don’t move forward. Extend your arms to your ears as much as possible.

Activate the rear side chain of the human body to improve the round shoulders and hunchback

Strengthen the back of the body


Sitting with legs

Sit firmly on the chair and keep your hands on the chair

Bend your knees, close your abs, and keep your legs together for two seconds.

Improve core strength and improve body control


foot rolling

Step on the ball with one leg barefoot and keep your body steady with both hands

clockwise and counterclockwise three times each, slowly rolling the soles of the feet

Improve plantar fascia elasticity, improve gait

Relieve lower limb tension, relieve fatigue


Knee against the wall

Stand with both hands on the wall

Keep your heels still and push your knees up, keep the stretch and benefit more

Improve ankle mobility and improve gait

Relieve lower extremity tension


One-leg pickup

Standing on one leg with armchair back, knees slightly bent

Leaning forward like picking up objects

Improve body balance and stability, prevent falls

Relieve lower extremity tension


ankle wrap

Keep the spine in the center and keep the body stable

Rotate the ankle medially and laterally without pain during the exercise

Improve ankle flexibility and strength

Relieve lower extremity tension


single leg calf raise

Stand with one foot on the wall, keep your balance and lift up

Slow down should be kept in mind to prevent falls and increase leg strength

Improve body balance and stability

Improve lower extremity strength and relieve lower extremity tension


touch chair squat

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, squat back and bend knees slowly

Extend your hands horizontally forward, touch the chair, and repeat the exercise

Improve lower body strength and stability

Improve core stability

Get up and move

happy and relaxed

let’s work hard together!