“You can’t talk nonsense, and you can’t take medicine indiscriminately”.

“After I was diagnosed with kidney stones, many relatives and friends around me said that they can be excreted by soaking them in water, so I went to find some money plants and came back to try to expel them.” Mr. Zhang had a physical examination in March this year. Kidney stones, because the stones are small and usually have no symptoms, I chose the Chinese herbal medicine recommended by my relatives and friends to expel the stones on their own.

For six months, Mr. Zhang felt good about himself and thought that the stone had been discharged. Half a month ago, when he performed a color Doppler ultrasound examination with full confidence, he found that the stones were “unmoving” in the kidneys. Not only that, but also serious hydronephrosis caused by the obstruction of the stones, which caused damage to the kidney function.

Clinically, there are not a few patients who have the same choices and practices as Mr. Zhang. Professor Feng Bo, an expert in the Department of Urology of Yunnan Stone Disease Hospital, said, “Many patients with kidney stones put their hopes on expelling stones or even superstitious remedies when they hear that they have kidney stones. The first reaction of many patients with urinary stones we see is so.”

So, are stone-removing medicines and remedies effective in treating kidney stones? Will it harm our body while taking it? Today, Prof. Feng Bo from the Department of Urology of Yunnan Stone Disease Hospital, will take you to know about the drug expelling of kidney stones.


The principle of expelling kidney stones

In fact, the principle of drug excretion of kidney stones is very simple, that is, through the pharmacological effects of drugs such as diuresis and relaxation of ureteral smooth muscle, the stones in the kidney fall off and fall into the ureter. excreted in urine. There are some stone-removing granules and Chinese patent medicines on the market.


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The money grass used by Mr. Zhang is a traditional Chinese medicinal material with strong diuretic function, mainly by increasing urine volume, flushing stones, and promoting the movement of stones; on the other hand, it increases the peristalsis of ureteral smooth muscle, which is conducive to falling The stones are excreted through the stricture and are therefore thought to have the effect of helping to expel urinary stones.

However, not all stones can be excreted by drugs. Whether or not the stones can be excreted by drugs depends on the size of the stones.

Can medicine expel stones

Depends on stone size

“Drug expelling is only suitable for small stones or crystals below 0.5 cm, but it is also very likely that the stone will get stuck in the narrow place during the expelling process.” Professor Feng Bo analyzed that because of the limitation of human body structure, stones must be excreted from the kidneys In vitro, it must pass through the renal pelvis, ureter, urethra and other parts, but these parts are relatively narrow, in order for the stone to be discharged smoothly, the diameter of the stone must be smaller than these narrow parts.

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Especially the ureter, the human ureter has three physiological stenoses, the average diameter of the three stenoses is 0.3-0.4cm, the stone volume exceeds this diameter range, and it is basically impossible to pass the ureter and urethra on its own. It causes the stone to move to the stenosis, causing obstruction of the renal pelvis and ureter, and urine cannot be discharged normally, resulting in hydronephrosis.

Hydronephrosis is known as the “silent killer” of the kidneys. The urine that cannot be discharged will make the kidneys become thinner and thinner like a balloon until they lose their function, causing infection, empyema, atrophy and even necrosis, which affects kidney function and patients. Great damage to health.

Stone-removing medicine is not something that patients can eat if they want. It must be carried out under the advice of a doctor. If the doctor has suggested other treatment methods, they must not blindly take medicine by themselves.


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Blind use can cause kidney damage

In addition, it is a three-point poisonous medicine, and the expelling stone medicine also has certain harm to the body.

Because most of the expelling medicines are cold and cool, they have a great impact on the human body. Long-term use will also increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, and may even lead to liver and kidney damage in severe cases.

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In recent years, with the popularization of mobile Internet products such as WeChat, Moments, and Weibo, online remedies for removing stones have been widely circulated among middle-aged and elderly people, and many patients are also willing to try them. According to Professor Feng Bo of the Department of Urology of Yunnan Stone Disease Hospital, these remedies have almost no scientific and clinical basis, and quite a few are made up to attract attention, clicks and attention. If patients take it blindly, it is likely to be harmful to their own health Cause irreversible damage.

△ A Yunnan stone disease hospital reported by “Spring City Evening News”


Therefore, Professor Feng Bo reminds all urinary stone patients to seek medical treatment in professional and regular hospitals according to their own conditions, and to carry out regular treatment according to the doctor’s orders.