You can always trust Liu Wen’s outfits, her clothes are similar in your wardrobe!

For a model, being tall and having a good head-to-body ratio are the most basic conditions. Whether or not she can go international is more important than her temperament. This is definitely the biggest plus point for Liu Wen. Not long ago, at a fashion event, among the actresses and models, the cousin was wearing a Balenciaga black tube top dress and won by an absolute advantage, which was outstanding.

The hard photo session is also a winner, eating the lens to death, a shrug and a look can give the photographer an unexpected surprise.

Just pressing the shutter is a proper cover blockbuster.

The contrast between Liu Wen in the camera and in life is big enough. Facing the camera, she is full of aura. In private, she dresses very casually and casually. one of the important reasons.

Friends who don’t know what to wear in autumn and winter, they have to look over the look of their cousin’s clothes again.

This autumn, Liu Wen fell in love with the functional style. The handsome functional trousers are paired with a short knitted top. The already long legs are even worse. Girls who want to show their long legs can definitely wear them like this.

Overalls with a short hoodie is also a good way to create a good proportion of matching, just come with a pair of white shoes, naturally unpretentious and comfortable and fashionable.

Lapel knitted sweaters or sweaters have also become particularly popular in the past two years. Like my cousin, choose a gentle light blue and wear it with loose trousers. It is casual and soft at the same time.

In the recent airport street shooting, the short colorful striped sweater is paired with wide-leg jeans, which perfectly adjusts the proportion of the upper and lower body, making it visually taller.

Or put on a simple loose white shirt with jeans, which is simple, clean and atmospheric. You can wear it like this for commuting in winter, just put on a coat and go out directly.

Denim jumpsuits with a belt are both thin and handsome. Except for the inconvenience, there are no other problems, and they are very concave.

In Liu Wen’s wardrobe, striped shirts also occupy half of the sky. Recently, a black and gray striped shirt was worn in a street shoot, paired with black trousers. It looks very simple, but the loose and off-shoulder version is the most fashionable. Important elements, with the decoration of a chain bag, create a casual good taste.

In the previous life photos, I also wore the same green style, the striped shirt is from Short Sentence, the black chain bag of CHANEL on the shoulder, and the small square bag for the eyes of Anya Hindmarch, adding a touch of cuteness and agility, come and learn double bags Back concave shape it!

Carhartt’s blue short-sleeved shirt is layered with a white long-sleeved T. The colors are layered and fresh. You can see the matching thoughts without being too deliberate.

The jacket of the Chinese-style handicap is perfectly integrated with her handsomeness and literature, and it is full of cultural flavor.

The following outfit is very suitable for the current season, Levi’s denim shirt with Toteme leather coat, with a pair of loose denim and canvas shoes, you can wear it very decently and beautifully, a flower handbag is embellished, adding a touch of playfulness sense.

Black and white contrast color knitted sweater with blue jeans, the overall style is looser, with a fisherman hat, you can get fashionable without spending a lot of money.

White sweaters and black jeans will never go out of style if they are not offline for ten thousand years. On this basis, accessories are used to contrast them, such as a fisherman hat and two bags, which can also be very fashionable, not exaggerated and elegant.

The black powder color matching sweater is matched with a half skirt, which is sweet and stable at the same time. A pair of Martin shoes and stockings are added to add a sense of literature and art.

You can always trust your cousin’s outfits, which are comfortable, stylish, and have many replacement styles. Let’s learn from her this autumn and winter!