Yongxin Zhicheng’s third-quarter revenue increased by 35.45% year-on-year, consolidating its position as a leader in online shooting ranges

Our reporter Xiang Yantao

On the evening of October 27, Beijing Yongxin Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Yongxin Zhicheng), which has just completed its listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, disclosed its third quarterly report for 2022. The report shows that Yongxin Zhicheng achieved operating income of 53.8068 million yuan in the third quarter. , a year-on-year increase of 35.45%, and achieved operating income of 124 million yuan in the first three quarters.

Yongxin Zhicheng is a network security enterprise focusing on technological innovation. Since its establishment, Yongxin Sincere has led and participated in the formulation of a number of national network security standards, and has been selected as the “Chinese Academy of Engineering Consulting Research Project Support Unit”. With the three core advantages of parallel simulation, both offense and defense, and abundant talents, Yongxin Zhicheng has established a leading edge in the network security subdivision track, forming a network focusing on shooting range, and focusing on security control and honeypots, security tools, security protection, The innovative system of “products and services” supplemented by network security competitions and online and offline training has served thousands of government and enterprise users.

According to IDC’s “China Network Security Training Drill Test Platform Market Share, 2021: Rapid Progress and Rapid Development” research report shows that in 2021, the market size of China’s network security training drill test platform products will increase by 38.5% year-on-year. Chunqiu Yunjing Network Shooting Range products ranked first with a market share of 20.4%. According to the “Digital Shooting Range Capability Dot Matrix 2022” released by Sushi Consulting, Yongxin Zhicheng Chunqiu Yunjing Network Shooting Range ranks first in the industry in terms of application innovation and market execution.

Through efficient management mechanism, perfect organizational structure and continuous resource investment, Yongxin Zhicheng has formed a core technology group and intellectual property system with independent intellectual property rights. The company has 42 trademarks, 16 authorized invention patents, 201 software copyrights, and participated in the drafting or revision of a number of national standards. With more than ten years of technological iteration, continuous innovation, and excellent products and services, Yongxin Zhicheng has now become an enterprise with core competitiveness and market leadership in the domestic network security industry segment, showing outstanding competitive advantages in many aspects. .

(edited by Zhang Mingfu Cai Shandan)