Yiwu Customs issued over 185,000 certificates of origin in the first three quarters

Yiwu Customs staff handles the issuance of certificate of origin. Photo courtesy of Dong Yixin

  China News Service, Yiwu, October 27 (Dong Yixin, Wu Fengyu, Zhao Yongqiang, and Jin Jiaming) The reporter learned from Yiwu Customs on the 27th that in the first three quarters of this year, Yiwu Customs issued 185,782 certificates of origin of various types, with a value of 3.75 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.67% year-on-year respectively. , 13.84%.

  On the 26th, Zhou Peng, the head of Zhejiang Yiwu Yi Import and Export Co., Ltd., completed the self-service printing of the certificate of origin of a shipment of exported goods through the “single window” of international trade in the office.

  Zhou Peng told reporters that as long as the company is equipped with a color printer in the office, it can apply for, review and print the certificate of origin in real time through the “single window” or “Internet + Customs” integrated online service platform for international trade.

  ”With this certificate of origin, this batch of goods can enjoy zero-tariff treatment when customs clearance in Pakistan, saving a fortune.” Zhou Peng said that his company’s annual export value of goods exceeds 30 million US dollars. Items can help customers save a lot of money.

  It is reported that the certificate of origin is the certificate that the exported goods enjoy preferential tariff treatment in the importing country, especially the preferential certificate of origin of the free trade agreement, which is known as “paper gold”.

  Fang Jianming, a staff member of Yiwu Customs, said that at present, 88% of certificates of origin in the Yiwu area have been issued by self-service printing. (Finish)