Ye, who was swept out of the fashion circle, has several hundred million left?

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As the old saying goes, “you can eat indiscriminately, but you can’t speak indiscriminately.”

Kanye removed from Forbes billionaire list

As the public boycott caused by the anti-Semitic racial hatred of the famous American rapper Kanye West (now known as Ye) intensified, the German sportswear giant adidas terminated all cooperation with Ye on Tuesday, and Yeezy was instantly suspended.

GAP also stated that it will immediately shut down the official website of YEEZY GAP and remove related products from the shelves.

At present, Balenciaga, a French luxury brand under Kering Group, has deleted the opening photo of Ye as the brand’s 2023 spring and summer ready-to-wear show from Vogue Runway and its official website. The joint series Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga released by the two has also ended this year. , enter the promotion stage.

Major brands are lining up to terminate the contract with Ye, and he was defeated by himself.

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Ye posted on IG “I lost $2 billion in one day”.

According to the original agreement, the contract between adidas and Ye will expire in 2026. Today, adidas’ early termination of the cooperation has also caused Ye’s worth to plummet, causing him to be kicked out of Forbes’ “Billionaires List” (billion level), and his net worth has dropped from US$1.9 billion to US$400 million (approximately $400 million). 2.9 billion yuan). 

Ye, who is crazy, still has billions of dollars, and we will not be involved in the monthly salary of several thousand.

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The Yeezy series launched by Ye and adidas in 2015 is one of the most popular shoes in the trendy shoe market in recent years. I don’t know if coconut shoes will become history. Anyway, the Putian market will never worry about it.

After being abandoned by the agent and the company, banned from social platforms such as IG and Twitter, and basically determined to be cool, Ye quickly looked for a new home for his Yeezy shoes, and went to the Skechers Los Angeles headquarters to find the company’s senior leaders to cooperate with the results. And know, was turned away.

For an old boy in his 40s, the rebellious period is indeed a bit long.

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Niu Colu and Ye updated the news after returning to IG, saying that he cut all ties with Kanye West in the past!

No zuo No die, whether Ye can turn around in the fashion circle is still unknown.

But Rihanna, who now has $1.4 billion in assets, has overtaken Ye, rising from “the world’s richest female singer” to “the world’s richest singer”.

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Cartier Nature Conservation Project is dedicated to snow leopard protection

On October 23, the Cartier Nature Conservation Project and China Green Foundation joined hands to support the Snow Leopard Conservation Project.

Cartier launched the Cartier Nature Conservation Project in Geneva in 2020, dedicated to protecting biodiversity and ecosystem health. Focusing on areas of high biodiversity around the world, the program has supported more than a dozen science-based, impact-driven organizations around the world.

The project funds donated to the China Green Foundation will be used for several years to monitor snow leopards and their associated animals, so as to further grasp the population and changing trends of snow leopards, habitat conditions and threatened factors; to promote the protection of snow leopard habitats, Promote ecosystem restoration, maintain biodiversity and ecosystem integrity in the Sanjiangyuan area, and provide demonstrations for monitoring and habitat protection of snow leopards and other wild animals in China and the world, and promote harmonious development of human well-being and nature protection.

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“Watches and Miracles” officially established a foundation

Following the successful holding of the first “Watches and Wonders” Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition in 2022, Rolex, Richemont Group and Patek Philippe have decided to join forces to establish the non-profit organization “Watches and Wonders Geneva Foundation” (WWGF).

The “Watch and Miracle Geneva Foundation” was established in September 2022 to promote the brilliant achievements of the fine watchmaking industry to the world, and to organize online and offline watch and jewelry exhibitions in Geneva and around the world.

The next edition of the “Watches and Wonders” Geneva Haute Horlogerie exhibition will take place from March 27 to April 2, 2023 at the Palexpo exhibition center in Geneva. The exhibition will welcome nearly 50 exhibiting brands and will be open to the public for the first time on weekends (April 1-2, 2023), where haute horlogerie collectors and enthusiasts can explore new models of the year and fashion.

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Hublot launches online store

   Select Watch Care Privileges

For selected watches sold online, Hublot will officially launch selected watch maintenance benefits, providing a strong guarantee for the continuous and accurate operation of watches with a full range of high-quality after-sales services.

The selected watch care privilege is a one-time service. Currently, it is applicable to watches with high-precision and complicated functions such as watches equipped with UNICO, ELPRIMERO and MECA-10 movements under the brand.

Hublot reserves the right to change the type of movement applicable to the “rewards” in the future at its sole discretion. If Hublot changes or terminates the provision of “rewards” to a certain type of movement or watch, the watches sold after the change or termination takes effect will be Can’t enjoy “benefits”.

This service is not available for watches purchased in Hublot offline stores. For eligible watches, the “benefits” are automatically activated with the activation of the watch’s warranty.

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Astronaut Omega Speedmaster watch sold at auction

A few days ago, an Omega Speedmaster chronograph that once belonged to NASA astronaut Walter Wally Schirra was sold at the auction house RR Auction for $1,907,000 (nearly 14 million yuan).

This watch is made of yellow 18K gold and has significant historical value, symbolizing Omega’s long-term support and contribution to the achievements of human space exploration.

Crafted in yellow 18K gold, this Speedmaster stands out for its rare burgundy red bezel with the inscription “to mark man’s conquest of space with time, through time, on time”, the watch is equipped with the 861 manual winding movement, which is the inheritance of the legendary 321 movement that accompanied the astronauts to the moon.

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BV offers lifetime warranty program for handbags

Bottega Veneta officially announces the launch of a new exclusive service “Certificate of Craftsmanship” program, providing long-term renovation and repair services for our iconic handbags, further strengthening the brand’s enduring quality of craftsmanship.

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BOSS becomes Matterhorn racing ski

      Open Official Partner

BOSS will be the official partner of the new Matterhorn Speed ​​Ski Open. The race will take place between Zermatt, Switzerland and Cervinia, Italy, from late October to early November. The first-ever downhill skiing event on the famous iceberg combines spectacular natural landscapes with sportsmanship, marking the birth of a revolutionary winter sports challenge and embodying the brand’s avant-garde pioneering spirit.

Bibs, flags, start line ski sheds and the track are all prominently displayed with the branding. In addition, the most attractive thing for tourists is to be able to watch nearly two-thirds of the race from the finish line area, where the BOSS logo arch will be installed at the junction of the area.

The upgraded VIP reception area has a panoramic terrace, and the brand logo can be seen everywhere on the terrace; the reception area has a bar and a photo venue leading to the entrance, where the BOSS logo is unobstructed. VIP guests will receive a one-of-a-kind welcome package containing special BOSS products and accessories.

During the competition, BOSS launched a large-scale marketing, and the helicopters, hot air balloons and paragliders printed with its logo will circle the mountain peaks to convey the brand spirit.

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