Yang Yi: The men’s basketball team won’t miss the top 4 in Asia, it’s just that they haven’t played well recently

  Beijing time on October 8th, the Chinese men’s basketball team failed in the Asian Cup this summer, and the performance in the world preliminaries was not outstanding. There are also many people who have proposed to liberalize the foreign aid policy of the CBA to intensify competition.

  In this regard, Yang Yi, a well-known media person, said in the program that he should not support the CBA to release foreign aid on the grounds that these domestic players are not good at international competitions.

  Yang Yi’s analysis believes that the current level of the Chinese men’s basketball team is not that they cannot reach the semi-finals in Asia, but the recent games have been affected by various factors and have not played their own level.

  ”I don’t think it’s true that these people are at this level in the Asian arena. It’s not about how high we are, but because the level in Asia is too low. If you say it’s so low, we haven’t played well. I didn’t make it to the semi-finals, including the two subsequent World Preliminaries, and I didn’t play very well. I think this time it has something to do with the epidemic, the physical condition and state of the athletes, including the use of soldiers.”

  Yang Yi believes that the use of three guards does restrict the performance of the Chinese men’s basketball team. “If we don’t want to play three defenders, even if we are not willing to use a high No. 4 position, we play two forwards. I think the scene may look better than it is now. Although the Chinese men’s basketball team is not very high-level, but recently these The Chinese men’s basketball team did not play at the level it should have. If all aspects are properly adjusted and the factors that interfere with the epidemic are removed, we will not be like this.”

  Yang Yi said that most of the current batch of Chinese men’s basketball players were trained after the CBA tightened its foreign aid policy in recent years. “No matter how high their level is, these people have grown up in the CBA in the past three or four years. Except for Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei, Allen and Jiwei have played for the national team for 15 years. These other people At least in the past few years, the league has improved, and it has obviously played out. Just seeing the thriving league is the effect of restricting foreign aid. There were no such people three years ago. Would you dare to bring them to the national team? Now you at least Dare to take them there.”

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