Yang Yi: Naturalized NBA players are unrealistic, CBA Jones and others are enough

  Beijing time on September 13th, the discussion on the use of naturalized players in the Chinese men’s basketball team is still continuing. Yang Yi, a famous basketball media person, believes that if the Chinese men’s basketball team uses naturalized players, there is no need to find NBA stars. CBA’s excellent foreign players have already enough.

  Yang Yi first analyzed where naturalized players should be found. He believes that the defenders and insiders of the Chinese men’s basketball team are sufficient in Asia, and the most lacking are the strikers.

  ”Whatever position is missing, we can fill any position. Each team has one naturalization quota. We need to naturalize the position that is most needed. Now we have enough insiders, at least we have an advantage in the Asian insider, and we have enough defenders. Three threes Every pendulum can make two groups. What are we lacking now? There are strikers who can get the ball, and there are strikers, but the strikers generally can’t hold the ball. The strikers can hold the ball, have the body, can attack tough points, can score at critical moments, and can Organizing people to get our pitchers open, so we need the wing, we need the two and three.”

  As for the naturalized candidates for the second and third positions, Yang Yi believes that the excellent foreign aid of the CBA league is enough, and the NBA players may not be able to play well.

  ”The naturalization must be close by, and try to find someone who has played in the CBA or has played in the CBA. We know him, he is familiar with the characteristics of our domestic players, and he also has a certain sense of identity with us. He did, because if he wants to play in the CBA, he has to play well for our national team.”

  ”I think a lot of netizens are talking about the NBA, it’s all bullshit. Even if the NBA is not a top athlete, the annual salary is millions of dollars. Why do people give you a good fight? How much money do you give them and they will give you a good fight? Let’s Repeatedly said, naturalization does not need so much money. Strong, CBA effective: Jones, Gordon, Ma Shang, this level is enough for us.”

  The 2024 Paris Olympics are no longer far away. If the Chinese men’s basketball team misses the Olympic Games for two consecutive years, it will be a huge blow to Chinese basketball. Yang Yi said that if naturalized players are used, they must be implemented as soon as possible.

  ”We need to start the work of naturalization immediately, and strive to do it next year, so that the naturalization can go to next year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, and we can run in with the team and play the World Cup after the Asian Games. Asian teams go to the Paris Olympics.”

  ”I don’t know what kind of groups the two hosts, Japan and the Philippines, have arranged for us. I don’t know if they can qualify, but they will definitely set the biggest difficulty ahead of us. There is still half a year to do this, just We need to catch up with this wave. If the men’s basketball team does not enter the Olympic Games, it will hurt the league, sponsors, and industry players too much. If they don’t play in the World Cup, then don’t naturalize. If you want to be naturalized, you should be naturalized immediately.”

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