Yang Yi: Enabling naturalized players is a consensus within the circle, including leaders

  Beijing time on September 12th news, as the Chinese men’s basketball team lost the Asian Cup this summer, the voice about the use of naturalized players has risen again. The famous basketball media person Yang Yi recently talked about this topic again in the program. He revealed that the use of naturalized players Naturalized players are now the consensus in basketball circles.

  Du Feng, the head coach of the Chinese men’s basketball team, said in an interview after returning to China that every team in Asia now has naturalized players except Iran, which has no naturalized players. In this regard, Yang Yi explained: “In fact, Iran also has naturalized players. He didn’t bring them when he was in the Asian Cup. He has several and has used them before.”

  The Chinese men’s football team used several naturalized players in the past few years, and spent a lot of money, but the effect was basically not seen. In this regard, Yang Yi analyzed that football and basketball cannot be generalized. “Basketball naturalization and football naturalization have different rules. Why is there a gap between football teams plus naturalization and those at the top? Because football naturalization does not limit the number of people, but it is required that this person must have lived in your country for more than 5 years, so to put it bluntly The naturalized players of our Chinese football team are all players who have played in the Chinese Super League for more than 5 years. Players who have played in the Chinese Super League for 5 years are not particularly good on the world stage, because these players are no longer in their prime. .”

  Yang Yi continued his analysis: “Football costs a lot of money, but there’s no need to spend it at all. For basketball, because everyone is looking for American players, there are too many high-level American basketball players, so it doesn’t cost much to naturalize an American basketball player. Money. You don’t need to look for the top 50 or 100 players in the NBA. The Croatian Smith was an undrafted player in the NBA, and he was very useful after he arrived in Europe. The Bosnia and Herzegovina Basketball Association couldn’t even afford the travel expenses. He even got a naturalization. , If you make three-pointers in a row, how much is his naturalization? For example, let’s chat with CBA foreign aid Dominic Jones. He only spent 500,000 yuan in Jilin for a year. If you add another 500,000 yuan to him, can he not Dry?”

  Compared with the naturalization of football, the conditions for using naturalized players in basketball are much simpler. Yang Yi said: “We don’t look for Jones, but there are many more. There is only one basketball team, but there is no concern about the residence time. Any restrictions, just change your passport. So basketball is much easier to find and save a lot. This is the difference between basketball and football. So I will tell you the bottom line. Now as the consensus in the basketball circle, everyone can understand it. Now, the consensus in the circle, including the leaders, everyone understands that naturalization must be done, and there is really no way to get it.”

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