Yang Yi: After Yao Ming came up, the youth training was even worse. Sports people couldn’t solve it

  Beijing time on September 15th news, as the Chinese men’s basketball team lost the Asian Cup this summer, the discussion on the use of naturalized players has become more and more heated. One of the important reasons for the opposition to naturalization is that it may be possible to take shortcuts with naturalized players. The motivation to solve the fundamental problem will continue to be weakened. Media person Yang Yi also talked about the issue of China’s basketball youth training and the expansion of the basketball population in the program.

  Yang Yi said that the youth training situation of Chinese basketball has gotten worse in recent years. “It’s impossible for Dayao not to know how to catch basketball. It’s been five years since Dayao came up from 2017 to the present. How is the youth training of Chinese basketball? Everyone in the circle knows that it’s not as good as before, and it’s even worse. What’s the matter? What’s going on? So how should we treat the root cause, and why we can’t treat the root cause, let’s talk about it today.”

  Regarding the old-fashioned view of “why a billion people can’t pick 12 basketball players”, Yang Yi explained: “Dayao said that the registered population of basketball in China is 12,000, which is 100 in Japan. There are more than 10,000 people, more than 10 million people in the United States, 1,000 times that of us. The registered population is registered in the sports system at all levels in China, participating in regular training and competitions, sustainable development in basketball, and playing professionally in the future. Crowd. To put it bluntly, it is professional, including men and women, there are 12,000 people. Those who play, exercise, and play streetball are not counted, so our basketball population is so small.”

  Why can’t the basketball population go up? Yang Yi said that this problem cannot be solved by sports people alone. “The separation of sports and education is an old topic. Needless to say, the more the times develop, the better the family conditions, the more sound parents’ cognition, the fewer people who go to professional teams, the more they go to high school and college, and the The more sports people grab, the easier it is to grab them. One of Dayao’s most important tasks in recent years is to promote the draft system, so that high-level athletes in colleges have more opportunities to play careers. This is actually working hard under the current circumstances. Expanding the basketball population in China means that at this stage, Dayao is capable of this. As for the university sports system, the training level and training intensity of college basketball generally cannot keep up, and athletes generally spend too long in college, these problems belong to the Ministry of Education It doesn’t belong to the sports people, and the sports mouth can’t control it. Therefore, the expansion of the basketball population in China is very difficult. It does not mean that there will be a big expansion and improvement in ten years, or it does not mean that it does not want to expand, but it is not like everyone thinks. It’s that easy.” Yang Yi analyzed.

  Subsequently, Yang Yi also used South Korea as an example. “Our basketball population is very low. In several countries in East Asia, our basketball population is larger than that of South Korea. South Korea’s basketball population is even smaller, only more than 7,000 people, so the Korean team is also inferior to the previous generation. The Asian champion is the China-Korea battle, but their quickness is gone now.”

  ”What we just said is that we want to increase the basketball population in the short term, just like you want to increase the football population and increase the sports population in China.

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