Yang Yang’s maturity is not defined

Some people advocate broad-mindedness and philosophical views, some people insist on thinking deeply and worrying about a long way, standing at 30, and it will be a matter of course, people will make their own choices. Yang Yang chose to be the “true self”, instead of emphasizing “maturity”, he instead obtained a relaxed and comfortable state. When shooting, it is common for him to maintain an upright posture. Under the gaze of the camera, he can also be unrestrained, lying flat on a chair, and can stretch and relax.

“If people can’t control their body and mind, they can’t control their soul.” According to Mr. Lin Yutang, the first thing we need to learn is to control this body and mind.

Another year’s birthday, Yang Yang is still spending time in the crew, and the scenes are filming and acting as usual.

Coincidentally, the director arranged a “very big” (in Yang Yang’s words) scene that night, and almost all the crew members were there. Yang Yang has not experienced such a lively birthday scene for a long time. Although the years are similar, they are different. This is the first year he has passed the age of 30. We all know the word: “Thirty to stand.” After crossing this boundary stone, something in human genes seems to be timed. Send out signals, transmit them to muscles, blood, and nerves, travel all over the body, and reach the brain, irresistibly generating some thoughts, making some decisions, and gaining some insights-how will Yang Yang experience this year? Mature, more and more determined to be yourself, or more and more tolerant and know how to let it go?

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“I used to feel that I was getting more and more mature. Later, I found that there is no need to emphasize whether I am mature, just be the real me. Just as I was 20 years old, I liked acting, playing games, and staying true; now I, It’s still the same.”

When not picking up work, Yang Yang would be happy to accompany his parents. “I haven’t been with my parents since I was 11 or 12 years old, and now I don’t see each other a few times a year. I hope to make up for all these time, watching the changes of my parents year by year, and spending more time with them. .” In an interview last year, Yang Yang said that he wanted to take his parents to spend a long vacation with “self-driving, quiet, and no need to think about work”, but unfortunately this year’s schedule is still full, and one drama seamlessly connects to the next one. never achieved. This seems to have become Yang Yang’s little regret: “Maybe we have to wait until the TV drama is finished, and then see if there is a chance – Dali, I really want to take my parents there, I hope I can stay there for a while with them during the holiday. .”

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“For me, the relationship with my parents has not changed much over the years.” In front of his parents, Yang Yang is a child, no matter how old he is. “If I go on a trip, I will listen to my parents’ arrangements. My opinion? It doesn’t matter.” The tone was full of reason.

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All the hard work is representative

During the break, Yang Yang passed by the living room one time, and saw that his parents had turned over his performance of “Full Time Master”, and said casually, “How many times have you all watched it!”

“It’s good-looking, it’s fun!” This is the most direct and undisguised appreciation of the parents for “Full Time Master”. After April this year, they must have more choices, such as “Special War Glory”. How many viewers gave this drama a “completely broken defense”, and the start of the broadcast is a high-energy scene of anti-drug operations, which not only shows the brave and fast side of the soldiers, but also tore a corner of the hardships and dangers of the “battlefield”. As the protagonist, Yang Yang became a “warrior” in the process of filming, and personally experienced blasting scenes and fighting scenes. As a parent, of course you know the challenges your child faces while filming. “There are definitely worries, but parents are always kind of silently concerned, and they are also afraid that their worries will become some kind of burden. I try to make myself less injured and protect myself. In fact, for them, this is the greatest relief.”

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Fans have witnessed Yang Yang’s perseverance, dedication, frontal attack, and rapid growth in performance. Yang Yang once said: “If it is a satisfactory work, I will enjoy watching my own play.” This time, Yan Poyue gradually learned to cooperate with his teammates. “Exercise in a big scene, and a few emotional scenes – I like them all.” If Yang Yang really wanted to evaluate himself, he immediately became humble and instinctively: “It’s hard to evaluate myself, I can only say that I will do my best to do it. Done.”

In the play, Yan Poyue, played by Yang Yang, is the “King of Soldiers”, and Yang Yang has also undergone “military art” experience, and many characteristics penetrated into his bones: “Actually, since I went to school, my life was ‘I am asking myself for it’. ‘, I don’t really need others to supervise.” This time I was filming, I suddenly had a feeling of revisiting school life. “The crew has high requirements for us, and everyone should look up to the real special forces players.”

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“Special Warfare Glory” was filmed in 2019, and it will only come out in 2022. Although it has been three years in the middle, during the long nine months of filming, the crew carried out special training for the actors in advance. These memories and experiences are engraved on Yang Yang: “That was a very important period for me. For half a year, everyone lived together, just like real comrades in arms. It feels — I really feel like I’ll always be a part of the army, and I do come from the military!”

Many people think that “Special Warfare Glory” has reshaped the image of “tough guy” Yang Yang, and can even be regarded as Yang Yang’s representative work. Yang Yang’s evaluation system is slightly different: “Every work is my representative work. Whether it is “Special Warfare” Glory” or “You Are My Glory”, including other dramas, such as “Full Time Master” – for me, as long as I act seriously and give my heart, they are all my masterpieces.”

It happened that Yang Yang put the two “Glory” together. I often hear actors “complaining” that acting in love scenes is sometimes more “hard” than fighting scenes. Yang Yang also has a costume drama “Let’s Try the World”, which has both love scenes and martial arts scenes. Yang Yang once mentioned that when he was filming “You Are My Glory”, he felt that he was more “handy” in acting than in the past. Is the filming “Let’s Try the World” more skilled?

“The character types of the two dramas are not the same – Yu Tu’s emotional outlook is very mature and considers a lot, so I need to show his maturity; Feng Lanxi is more about responsibility and dedication.” Yes For Yang Yang, love scenes and fighting scenes are equally difficult to perform. “I think it’s just as hard. The investment in emotional performance and the investment in physical strength are very precious.”

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In line with everyone’s imagination, it is good

Yang Yang said that he doesn’t think he is a “talented actor”. How will he figure out the role and understand the role? He is a “feeling type”. “Understanding the character, getting close to the character, being the character, empathizing with the character, may be my acting rule. There is no particularly good way to read the script over and over again and discuss the psychological process of the character.”

Yang Yang has some simple and unpretentious truths, one of which is that hard work brings results. This uninterrupted rivalry with myself probably started when I was learning dance. Yang Yang doesn’t easily mention the hardships he has suffered. This is also very traditional. He insists that those who are able to show off and get on the stage have been polished to perfection. The audience only needs to appreciate its dazzling side, and the story behind it needs no words. Practice a hundred times and a thousand times, all of which are behind the scenes. If you don’t do well in front of the screen, no one has to excuse the difficulties and sufferings behind the scenes.

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Yang Yang knew that “men have to suffer a bit”. The weight-lifting in his bones is reflected in the lightness of his bones: “If it is said that fighting is hard, then the entire crew of the main creators are also suffering – that’s the way, when I was young, I really felt that suffering made people grow, and I felt that I had eaten something. This kind of suffering, but as I grow up in the past few years, including seeing more and more people and things, I will feel as if I have not suffered any major suffering compared to many people.”

After “Special Warfare Glory”, Yang Yang gained a group of male fans. On the other hand, “Let’s Try the World” continued to satisfy female fans. Yang Yang switches between a gentleman who is as gentle as jade and a man who is tough and decisive.

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“I used to think that people need to be mature, but now I think it’s good to be yourself, and there is no need to do anything to make yourself appear mature. I especially understand that many boys will be excited when they watch “Special War Glory”, because men are really in their hearts. I live in the dream of a special soldier; Feng Lanxi in “Let’s Try the World” is what everyone hopes to look like a gentleman in ancient costume. In fact, it fits the role in everyone’s imagination, just fine.” At the same time, Yang Yang Enough calm and restrained. “I know that no matter how hard people work, there will always be people who are not satisfied. Everyone has a judgment standard in their heart. I will know what is done well and what is not done well – this mentality is indeed tempered Come out, be worthy of yourself.”

These days, Yang Yang was filming in Ningbo, and he has been stationed in the crew for several months. This is Yang Yang’s habit. As long as he joins the group, he is willing to stay in the group. Only in this way can he stay with the character all the time: “I played a firefighter and experienced the life of firefighters and their working conditions. I really feel sorry for them. Everyone gets along very happily. The firefighters and the special forces are actually a bit similar. They live together, have a collective dormitory, and usually go on missions together. This revolutionary feeling is very precious. We get along too. Like a firefighter’s relationship with a brother.”

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We know that apart from filming, Yang Yang rarely shows his life in front of others, and once asked, he would say: “I remember all the happy things, I don’t remember the sad or bad things very much. Of course, I also have the part of ordinary life, but I didn’t share it.” Fortunately, fans still capture Yang Yang, who is still young, in variety shows. Over the years, many things have not changed. He is still sincere, lively and vivid in his “playing”, and is known as the successor of the military art “laughing grass”. He will also watch these variety shows, and he also finds it interesting: “”Youth Travels 3” is my real, private appearance, and I can’t always be the image of the characters in the TV series. Yes, I am also the appearance in variety shows. “

A while ago, a “All Universe in a Moment” provided everyone with an imaginative space for imagination: if every “fork in the road” in life would have an additional life possibility, another “you” would have a completely different life in a parallel universe. Life. We all know that Yang Yang originally wanted to dance, but by chance, he entered the industry of actors. At this moment, please imagine Yang Yang: If he hadn’t been dragged into acting and continued to be a dancer, what kind of life would he be living?

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“Yang Yang, who continues to be a dancer, should also be a very good dancer. When I was in school, I loved dancing, and I knew that I would put all my energy and effort into it. Now he may be rehearsing a new dance repertoire. , living a very rich life, and every day I need to use the body movements of dance to convey happiness and sorrow to everyone on the stage.”

Think of life as a play, no matter which parallel universe you are in, everyone is the protagonist of their own life. We often say “the halo of the protagonist”, and we are often ignited and inspired by that halo. In Yang Yang’s heart, he probably understood it like this:

“The so-called ‘protagonist halo’ should mean that the plot is cut from his perspective, so everyone sees that he has a ‘protagonist halo’. In life, we will also meet many excellent people, if these people appear in TV dramas , everyone will think that he has a ‘protagonist halo’, but he must be good because he has given a lot of things.”

Yang Yang’s work schedule is tight, and the magazine shoot must race against time: he participated in the event the night before, and after the day’s shooting ended, he immediately returned to the studio to continue filming. Everyone has a life. As a “healthy boy”, Yang Yang’s life philosophy is as follows:

What percentage do you think it has reached at this stage, or, in other words, what is expected to be achieved but has not been achieved?

In fact, I don’t have any special expectations, that is, work hard when I work, and rest well when I rest. The so-called percentage is a bit empty in my opinion. It is the most important thing to be able to live every day down-to-earth.

Are you a healthy person? Is there any special way of keeping healthy? What are you most concerned about?

I count. I didn’t know that I was a health-preserving type, but everyone who knew me would say “You are very healthy”, and then I realized “Oh, so I am a health-care type”. In fact, it’s all the little details of life, drinking warm water, eating less spicy food, soaking feet at night… I just pay attention to my health, and I have to pay attention to the changes in my body every year for physical examination.

You said before that “boys have to endure hardships”, will enduring hardships conflict with “health preservation”?

Not contradictory. Physical and mental strength requires resistance to pressure, but maintaining health is a good living habit.


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Modern people are under a lot of pressure, what is your way of decompression?

I actually don’t have a special say in decompression, because I still feel that I need to turn pressure into motivation. For some things, especially when faced with work, it is good for my progress to have a certain amount of pressure. Of course, this idea doesn’t apply to everyone, so I don’t have a particularly good way to decompress.

It is often said that suffering is rooted in obsessions. Have you ever had any stories of obsessions and letting go?

When I was in school, I was obsessed with dancing, but now I don’t think it was the source of my pain. But if the so-called obsession refers to fame and fortune or the ideological dimension, then I really have never had any obsession. This may have something to do with my dancing, because when I was a child, I knew that everything you wanted had to be done by relying on it. Practice and strive for it yourself, not by thinking.

In fact, it is inevitable that you will be injured in filming. What kind of situations have you encountered, and how do you self-regulate and repair?

In fact, the ones I got injured the most in the fight scenes were “Vanguard” and “Special War Glory”. It is true that these two dramas suffered more injuries than other dramas, but there was a reason: one played an international security officer, and the other played a special agent. Team members, they will be injured in life and work. When playing such a role, it is very reasonable to encounter injuries. Only once an axe fell in front of my eyes, and now I feel a little scared. But when you see good results, you don’t remember the injury very much.

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