Yang Ming: Foreign aid defense completely failed, no one stood up at the critical moment

  Beijing time on October 27th, in the 8th round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Liaoning team lost 90-91 to the Suzhou Kendia team and suffered the second loss of the season.

  In this campaign, Guo Ailun and Zhang Zhenlin of the Liaoning team continued to miss the game. Yang Ming said frankly after the game that his defense against the Kenyan team’s foreign aid Blakeney failed, and no one in the team could stand up at the critical moment.

  Yang Ming concluded: “The small foreign aid is not well controlled. In fact, the Jiangsu team is leading the way. We also did a video analysis of him before the game, including the arrangement, but everyone did not perform well, especially the defense against him. Personally. Letting him score 47 points with this intensity, I think our defense is a complete failure, and from the point of view of him, he has played a good role.”

  ”And then there is the handling of the key ball. In the end, no one really can stand up, or there is a lack of finalists. At the same time, our determination and confidence are not enough. Our screening quality, confrontation, and ability to send sideline shots should be plainly said. Yes, but we don’t have that kind of character and made some mistakes that shouldn’t have been made, you see, 20-plus mistakes, mostly on key players.”

  ”The same sentence, you have to adapt to the intensity of this confrontation, you have to adapt to this style of defense, you have made so many mistakes in the game, it shows that you have not yet understood the changes in the league. So the first stage put the last Play a good game, and then you must pay close attention to these aspects in the offseason. At least you can’t suffer in terms of physical fitness, defense and confrontation.” Yang Ming said.

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