Yang Ming: Calm down and interpret the penalty scale will put new requirements on players

  Beijing time on October 30th, in the ninth round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Liaoning team defeated the Sichuan team 102-85.

  The Liaoning team’s record in the first stage is fixed at 7 wins and 2 losses, the same as the Shanxi team. The Zhejiang team has one less game, and currently ranks first with 8 wins and 0 losses. Liaoning team coach Yang Ming said after the game that he would use the window period during which the league was suspended to make demands on the players according to the new refereeing standards.

  Yang Ming summed up the game and said: “We won this game because of our execution, and we played the team’s characteristics on both sides of the offensive and defensive ends. This week everyone has really worked hard, and it is not easy for everyone to persevere until now despite the shortage of personnel and the intensive schedule. “

  Talking about the arrangement of the interval, Yang Ming said: “Go back and summarize the problems found in the first stage, including the recovery of injuries, including the players who did not play and who played less in the first stage, and strive to start in the second stage. Adjust the team’s state better. Moreover, according to the current penalty scale, we have to go back and put forward new requirements for them, and strive to play better Liaoning-style basketball in the next stage.”

  Looking back on the 9 rounds of the first stage, Yang Ming concluded: “First of all, some details of the game still need to be done well, the handling of key balls, including a certain time period, the execution of details, the scale of penalties, and physical confrontation. Everyone still needs to calm down and understand and understand, adjust the state, speak with data, shooting percentage, defensive strength, rebounding strength, etc., including the return of some offensive strengths, the diversification of offense, etc., I believe that the first There will be some changes in the second stage.”

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