Yang Mi has picked several times under the knee boots, so easy to wear?

When the autumn wind blows, it’s time to pick boots again. The under-the-knee boots that Yang Mi wore during the recent hot searches really helped the editor:

The leather suit is paired with high-heeled leather boots, a little sexy short skirt and corset, and a pair of big earrings, which balances the aura and femininity very well, as well as being chic and chic.

Under-the-knee boots are also the “artifact” to save and wear this season, and they are much more fashionable than sneakers. And the boots that are too long look too grand, and the daily commute is not convenient enough. The height of the boots below the knee is just right, and by the way, it can also modify the shape of the legs.

Don’t rush to put away the big shirt, wear tight pants with below-the-knee boots, and a casual jacket on the outside, the fashion level is +1. Yang Mi’s under-the-knee boots with thick soles are also super popular, increasing the center of gravity at the bottom of the whole person, making the body much lighter in comparison, and by the way, it also superimposes the effect of secretly growing taller.

The items related to “V-shaped” in the shape basically have their own functions of making them look thinner and taller, and the V-shaped under-the-knee boots are no exception. With a preppy jacket and a beret made of the same material, the age reduction effect is perfect!

Let’s take a look at the demonstrations of other female stars. Liu Wen’s leather jacket + leather pants doubles the aura! Pairing it with a short top is even more comfortable. You can choose this kind with a little heel, and it is chic enough to wear it without getting tired.

If you go the vitality route, try Ren Min’s pair of metallic boots and add a calf sock to achieve a full-featured under-the-knee boot. With a short skirt “vigorous value” full score!

Yu Shuxin has worn white under-the-knee boots several times, and it feels like a motorcycle and fashion are linked. The contradiction between the slightly bulky style and the refreshing color matching makes the shape more visible.

There are also those clothes in small fresh tones, which can be matched with white boots. The overall “sense of volume” is a lot lighter, and items with high saturation can also be neutralized with it.

This year’s very popular denim item, paired with white under-the-knee boots, has a free and easy western beauty. Sun Yi’s somewhat wrinkled boots make the legs thinner, and it is also a feminine style.

Suede is also popular again this year, and it has a literary and girly tone with a knitted skirt. Compared with dark colors, this style of boots will have a more “breathing feeling”. The skirt slightly covers some of the boots, so you can’t see where the legs start, and you can get taller!

Blogger Leia’s below-the-knee boots are worth learning from. The combination of a short top, jeans, and straight boots gives you a sense of effortless fashion. The finishing touch is her accessories, silk scarves and retro baseball bags make this look more French.

The other set is the “taste” of “skilled daughter”. The suit pants and below-the-knee boots are not inconsistent, and the top and jacket are short enough to make her look neater and crisper.

And those short skirts and shorts that didn’t make it into the closet in time, but with below-the-knee boots would last for a while. Girls who have already started wearing boots, why not try these new combinations that have not been tried today?

*Image source: Official accounts of artists and their studios/network/ins




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