Xun Shi Xing Wishes “Onmyoji” brand new SSR Shikigami Xun Xiang Xing PV is online

[Curling and dark fragrance, born according to wishes]

The scent of the silk disappeared with the wind, and the eyes exposed in the boundless darkness looked at the young man in the palm of his hand——

“You are the son of god I gave to the Mika clan through the power of Amaterasu, a surprise born for me.”

The authority of the world is only one step away… But is this really what the young patriarch wishes?


[The fog is the old shadow, and the incense is the road]

On the way back home, the incense of the furnace is dense, even if the young man can’t see or hear, the scene of the old home and the voice of the old man are still haunting in his heart.

“I heard your wish.”

Only by following the incense, you can follow the wishes of your heart—

“For this, I bear all sins to free their bound souls.”


[Good and evil originate from the same source, lead the fragrance to travel far]

Smoke and clouds linger, sin and hope are born from the same source, but paranoia leads them to the abyss of jealousy…

“My birth was a mistake, and my existence will only hurt you.”

The sinful souls rushed like a wave, and the young patriarch took the evil and returned the purity to the tribe——

“Even though everyone can be free, there is one person who will never break free from me.”


The brand new SSR Shikigami Searching for Incense (CV: Kobayashi Yusuke / kinsen) will come to Heianjing on October 19th! For more information, please pay attention to follow-up reports.

[About “Onmyoji” mobile game]

Netease’s self-developed flagship IP, beautiful and ethereal, classic semi-real-time turn-based RPG, card collection and development, social PK based on LBS technology, the new plot is ups and downs, and hundreds of shikigami need to be awakened… .. “Onmyoji” is waiting for you to start a mysterious fantasy journey!