Xu Weizhou and Song Yanfei have all come here to check in, and they will tell you the secrets of skin care and outfits that you don’t know about Amway!

The current fashion trend has penetrated into every corner of life, and luggage has also become an important item of concave shape, especially for fashionable people, how can there be no high-value luggage when entering and leaving the airport?

If both appearance and quality are required, RIMOWA must be the first choice. How can RIMOWA become a leader in the luggage industry? Recently, RIMOWA held an exhibition “RIMOWA Craftsmanship” in Taikoo Li Central Park, Qiantan, Shanghai. Tell me what’s great about it!

Song Yanfei and Xu Weizhou, two fashionistas, came to check in for the first time, and let’s experience this century-old craftsmanship full of craftsmanship. Sister SO also had a close chat with the two of them this time, let’s take a look at their wonderful answers!

Sohu Fashion Interview with Song Yanfei

Sohu Fashion: What kind of brand do you think RIMOWA is, and what impresses you?

Song Yanfei: First of all, RIMOWA is a brand with excellent craftsmanship from Germany. I think what impresses me more is its strict control of product quality and craftsmanship. When I browse the whole exhibition today, I will I found out that most of it is actually hand-made by craftsmen, and there are probably more than 200 parts in a box, which impressed me very much.

Sohu Fashion: If you were to give Amway a suitcase, which one would you recommend and why?

Song Yanfei: I myself travel a lot on business, so I usually use the big 33-inch box, because it can be packed very well, and it has many colors. I have been using the purple one recently. Today The one I also want to recommend to you is the one from the PERSONAL series that I took today. It is actually a messenger bag, and it is very delicate and small, but it can be packed very well. Like I usually like to put on lipstick, then powder, and then a mobile phone may be gone, yes, that’s it, and it is also very versatile if you wear it cross-body.

Sohu Fashion: Tell me about your style today, why do you match it like this?

Song Yanfei: I’m actually pretty handsome today, but it’s actually pretty much the same as usual, with a shirt and then a pair of trousers. It’s a more neutral style, and it’s also more suitable for traveling and business trips.

Sohu Fashion: When will the next Vlog be, and what type of content is planned?

Song Yanfei: Actually, it seems that it will be posted soon. I went to Dali to take a set of birthday photos, which should be posted in the next two days.

Sohu Fashion: Do you have any tips and tricks to teach ordinary people about their daily wear?

Song Yanfei: Actually, like myself, I also like to wear very thin clothes, because I may have a big crotch, and then I will choose to make my waist look thinner, and then a taller, higher-waisted suit pants.

Sohu Fashion: What kind of dressing style for boys will make your eyes shine?

Song Yanfei: I think it’s just comfortable. I think it’s more important for boys to be clean, that is, clean, decent and comfortable. Personality will make my eyes shine.

Sohu Fashion: How to keep makeup clean and the secrets of hair care?

Song Yanfei: I will definitely put on the foundation first after applying the eye makeup. If the eye makeup is applied after applying the foundation, some mascara will actually stick to the face, so the makeup will not be very clean. Then the hair, anyway, I will wash my hair in the morning before makeup, yes, I am a person who likes to wash my hair in the morning.

Sohu Fashion: Is there anything interesting to share recently?

Song Yanfei: I just celebrated my 27th birthday recently, and I was quite happy. Then yesterday, a friend born in 2005 sent me a WeChat message saying, I wish my sister a happy birthday, I said thank you, and then he said, I really can’t see it Come out you’re 27, and then I’m like, what do I mean haha, is 27 a big number for you?

Sohu Fashion: Could you introduce the characters of the upcoming drama?

Song Yanfei: There will be three dramas to be broadcast next, one is the costume “Love and Love”, and then the other two, one is called “The Diary of Wendrella”, and the other is called “The Exploration of Love”, I hope You can meet everyone as soon as possible.

Sohu Fashion: What kind of film and television work do you want to make?

Song Yanfei: Actually, I have always wanted to shoot killers, but I haven’t been there until now. I’ve been talking about it for many years, and I haven’t played it yet. I just hope that I can meet this role.

Sohu Fashion Interview with Xu Weizhou

Sohu Fashion: What kind of brand is RIMOWA in your heart, and what characteristics can impress you?

Xu Weizhou: In my mind, it is a very good brand with a very good-looking design, a very rigorous design, and a very practical product.

Sohu Fashion: When choosing a suitcase, what aspects do you generally focus on?

Xu Weizhou: The suitcase must first be practical, then durable and fall-resistant, and more importantly, it must be good-looking. I prefer RIMOWA’s Trunk series. Its center of gravity is relatively stable, and it can hold a lot of things, which is very practical.

Sohu Fashion: Can you tell us about your style today, and what are your matching ideas?

Xu Weizhou: Today is a simple and casual outfit with light colors.

Sohu Fashion: This autumn and winter, would you recommend the fashion trends you got to the boys?

Xu Weizhou: In fact, it has just entered the autumn, and the climate is still relatively warm, so it is more refreshing to match it.

Sohu Fashion: What is the level of Frisbee recently? Skiing, badminton, table tennis, frisbee, latin dance, basketball, handball, which of these sports is your favorite?

Xu Weizhou: Actually, I’ve been playing more basketball recently, because my friends at home have a lot of basketball games together. I also got the Frisbee that everyone plays a lot recently. I think Frisbee is a test of the teamwork. Then my friends A nice game to get together.

Sohu Fashion: When will the new song come out? Can you see the guitar playing?

Xu Weizhou: There will be a MV for a new song, and then I will show it to everyone first. In fact, I will gradually finish this new album one after another.

Sohu Fashion: What is the difference between Yu Kenan and Ma Wenhe in Chinese table tennis?

Xu Weizhou: Yu Kenan is a character in the “Glory Ping Pong” broadcast before, and then there is another Ma Wenhe, a character in the upcoming film “China Ping Pong”. First of all, they are all table tennis players. Personality is always the first, but the background of this era, including his character, is actually different, because the play “China Ping Pong” is about the story of Chinese table tennis in the 1990s. I think it must be different from modern times. The same, but the spirit of courage at that time, I think it is worth learning from everyone, so please look forward to “China Ping Pong”.

Sohu Fashion: In the previous preview of “Everyone Knows I Love You”, netizens felt that the outfits inside had a special autumn atmosphere. Is your private style similar to that of Xiao Shangqi? Can you recommend this show to everyone?

Xu Weizhou: In fact, I think this show has a lot of shapes, and I think it looks good in all aspects of the collocation. I also hope that after this show is broadcast, everyone can like the character Xiao Shangqi, and you can pay more attention to our show, ” Everyone knows I love you.”

live hit

This exhibition “RIMOWA Craftsmanship” will present the legendary past and continuous development of this German brand, and lead the audience to walk through the exhibition space, travel through time and space, and take a look at the history of the brand from its establishment in 1898 to the present. The oldest exhibit dates back to 1947.

Innovation is the core spirit of RIMOWA. Therefore, the brand has also opened a dedicated exhibition space for the latest modern works. Interactive exhibition installations showcase the brand’s core products on a conveyor belt.

In order to pay tribute to the engineers and craftsmen who created RIMOWA products, RIMOWA took the product production process as another major theme of this exhibition, focusing on presenting each of the brand’s aluminum-magnesium alloy product series. production stage. From the cutting and opening of aluminum-magnesium alloy raw materials, to the formation of RIMOWA’s classic grooved design, to the final assembly of the luggage, a video records each piece of the beloved RIMOWA. ) the process by which a product is formed in pairs of skilled hands. Viewers can also see how the parts of each RIMOWA suitcase are assembled in another corner that reveals the RIMOWA production process.

RIMOWA’s journeys don’t end there, they will continue with discerning travelers from all over the world. This exhibition will also use a video to show that various types of travel products of RIMOWA are integrated into the daily life of local people.

The exhibition also features immersive audio and visual installations, where viewers can sit back and experience innovative tactile experiences that haunt the sound and images created for the Ingenieurskunst campaign.