Xu Jie: Asian teams are highly confrontational fans’ criticism is an incentive

  Beijing time on September 12th news, the Chinese men’s basketball team has ended all competition tasks this summer. The Chinese team did not perform well in the Asian Cup and failed to reach the semi-finals for two consecutive sessions. The team exposed a lot of problems in the intercontinental competition, especially the poor confrontation ability of the defenders, which was infinitely magnified when competing with masters such as Araki.

  Du Feng focused on using a three-back lineup in the national team game this summer, but the effect was very mediocre, and the performance of several defenders was also questioned. Defender Xu Jie said in an interview that the aggressiveness and confrontation of Asian opponents relatively strong.

  ”This game against some teams in Asia is a very rare opportunity for me. I feel that they are playing aggressive and confrontational. They have some control on the field and the control of the rhythm of each round is worth it. Learning by myself, I think the areas of learning are the mentality and some control of the ball, which are all things that I have learned by myself.” Xu Jie said.

  Whether it is Guo Ailun, Hu Mingxuan, Sun Minghui or Xu Jie, the performances of several defenders of the Chinese team in a series of games this summer were not outstanding, and some games can even be described as poor performance. Therefore, criticism from fans is naturally inevitable. In this regard, Xu Jie said: “Thank you very much to the fans. It is a requirement and an incentive for us. Everyone is very concerned about it, but the game is a game, and if you play well, there will be some There are many deficiencies, but also to improve.”

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