Xu Huaiyu was scolded for being negative and fond of paddling, but in fact she already had a “criminal record”

Every year in Sister Lang, there will always be some people who suddenly become popular.

On Sister Lang’s stage last year, Wang Xinling softened the hearts of countless straight men with a song “Love You”.

She freely controls the sweet painting style, and with this wave of memories, she ushered in the second spring of her career.

And this year, Japanese actress Mei Yi Liya became popular all over the Internet with the two-dimensional divine song “The Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss”.

The highly contagious stage performance and excellent singing skills have also made this actress a phenomenon-level popularity.

But at the same time, this year, Sister Lang’s stage also produced an actress who became popular in reverse .

Due to her poor performance on the show, Chinese Taiwanese actress Xu Huaiyu was criticized by the whole network and achieved an embarrassing “black red”.

Looking back at Xu Huaiyu’s “Black and Red Process”, the painting style is even more eye-catching.

In the public stage “Little Girl Under the Street Lamp”, her performance was as uncoordinated as if the audience were chaotic…

During the dance with her teammates, she often lost touch with the rest of the team in her body movements.

Jumping and dancing, she also sneaked glances at Alyssa Chia next door from time to time, this performance was extremely unprofessional.

When zoomed into the close-up, its sense of stage is even worse visible to the naked eye.

Compared with the energetic facial expression of Jia Jingwen who appeared in the same frame, Xu Huaiyu’s expression was stiff and dull.

After this disastrous stage performance, the entry of “Xu Huaiyu paddling water” sparked heated discussions.

Under the waves of complaints from netizens, “Sister Paddle” Xu Huaiyu was scolded on the hot search…

Some people accused Xu Huaiyu of not respecting the stage, and directly called on the program group to eliminate him:

Hurry up and get eliminated, I’m so disappointed, why don’t you respect this stage?

Some people used Xu Huaiyu’s perfunctory performance to look back on his career:

A flash in the pan is justified, it’s too unreliable.

Many people thought she could stand up again, but no wonder she was complained about her appearance.

And after Xu Huaiyu was still “promoted” on the public stage, some netizens complained for other sisters:

It is irresponsible to teammates and fans to know that you will not be eliminated and deal with it!

From the little queen of the music scene at the beginning of the century, to now being slammed all over the Internet, why is Xu Huaiyu here?

In fact, her word-of-mouth collapse was not only because of the few minutes of the stage…

01. Absence of rehearsals still sells badly, her attitude is too deductive

It is true that Xu Huaiyu’s online public opinion will not be one-sided by a stage rollover.

What really turned its audience over is its off-site attitude and poor crisis public relations.

During the rehearsal period of the public stage, Xu Huaiyu was absent from the rehearsal due to multiple leave of absence.

She repeatedly missed the joint practice, which directly caused the team to always be missing one, and the team’s tacit understanding was always unable to improve.

After returning from leave, Xu Huaiyu did not integrate into the team plug and play, but brought back negative emotions.

Facing her sister who was not a singer but encouraged each other, she just joined the team and said with a low EQ :

I’m not sure.

This operation of chatting to death also made many netizens feel speechless.

And after the stage overturned, Xu Huaiyu’s after-the-fact recovery was also very confusing.

After the public performance ended, her teammate Jia Jingwen posted a post, which seemed to respond to the performance with “who am I and where am I?”

On the same day, Xu Huaiyu suspected that Alyssa Chia’s news was contained in the space.

After posting “I will never forget who I am and where I am” which had the opposite meaning to the other party, the outside world also sparked a wave of speculation about the discord between the two.

Xu Huaiyu’s response was already a “disaster”, and the agent added to the chaos.

After a car overturned, his agent issued a long article trying to clarify for the artist.

However, the agent’s long complaint was not only ineffective, but “exposed” the real reason why Xu Huaiyu was absent from training.

It turned out that Xu Huaiyu was still busy with various business activities while participating in Sister Lang.

In addition to preparing for a personal concert during this period, she also took on a commercial performance…

In the writing, not only did the agent not apologize directly for the hip stretching on the stage, but instead complained that Xu Huaiyu’s schedule was full.

However, this “self-impressive effort” obviously did not impress netizens. Many netizens think that “busy” should not be an excuse for pulling hips on stage.

And after netizens commented and interpreted each item in red letters, Xu Huaiyu’s response became more and more insincere.

02. She has a negative attitude and loves paddling, but she actually has a “criminal record”

In fact, the Sister Lang incident is just the tip of the iceberg of Xu Huaiyu’s controversial career.

Over the past two decades, this former music queen has always been surrounded by negative news.

After signing with the Rolling Stones at the beginning of the century, Xu Huaiyu became popular with girly songs such as “I Am a Girl” and “Monster”, and became the second female singer in Taiwan whose album sales exceeded one million.

And under the style of the main girl master, she even rejected Zhou Xingchi’s invitation to be the heroine of “The King of Comedy” at the peak of her career.

But despite the strong start of her career, Xu Huaiyu’s continuous tossing and tossing later abruptly ruined her career blooming period.

First, it was exposed to negative news such as putting on celebrity airs.

Since becoming famous, there have been endless rumors of Xu Huaiyu playing big names.

A Rolling Stone executive once revealed that in the early years, Xu Huaiyu threatened the company outrageously that “if he doesn’t change it, he won’t play” because he was dissatisfied with a certain dress.

And when a certain media reported on Xu Huaiyu, she also became inexplicably angry because of the description in the article that “lines were deleted”.

For this reason, she even resorted to court despite the opposition of the brokerage company.

This was followed by various unexcused absences.

After leaving Rolling Stone in the following years, Xu Huaiyu began to play “disappear”.

These incidents were also faithfully recorded by the news at that time.

In 2008, when she was filming the TV series “The Happiness Catcher”, she was accused of running away for no reason during half of the filming, which caused the crew to improve temporarily.

In 2009, she disappeared mysteriously while participating in the recording of a certain program of Jiangsu TV station, and was angrily claimed by the TV station.

This perfunctory treatment of work also further lowered Xu Huaiyu’s reputation.

After that, there are various Rashomons with multiple bosses.

From 2009 to 2010, she broke up with two brokerage companies.

In 2009, she was accused by the brokerage company Xianghong Entertainment for her absence from the radio recording.

Later, she responded to the incident on the grounds that she was retaliated against for refusing to accompany the wine.

The two sides also launched a court tug-of-war.

After leaving the house and changing to another company, Xu Huaiyu soon fell out with his new owner, Longyan.

But this time, she, who accused her boss of verbal sexual harassment, eventually lost the lawsuit and paid compensation.

She made the accusation without factual basis and was ordered to pay a large amount of compensation for this.

All kinds of negative incidents that were not cut and straightened out gave Xu Huaiyu a faint sense of sight as a hot potato in the circle.

This point can be seen from the evaluation of Xu Huaiyu by many insiders.

Wu Zongxian, the king of variety shows in Taiwan, publicly stated that Xu Huaiyu is the only colleague he has ever blocked.

In an interview, Wu Zongxian even bluntly said that the other party has problems communicating with anyone.

And actress Wu Peici, who formed a girl group with Xu Huaiyu, also revealed that Xu Huaiyu often puts on bad faces in the group and is a loner.

Even Ren Xianqi, a good old man in the circle, once euphemistically commented that Xu Huaiyu, as a “friend”, is too aggressive and too straightforward.

Xu Huaiyu, who has too sharp edges and corners, also has a steady stream of negative news.

Being out of tune with this circle, her star path became narrower and narrower.

03. “The Worst Queen” welcomes “” 10 years of downfall, but now she is wasting her career turnaround

Due to disputes with several former employers, Xu Huaiyu lost his words both economically and professionally.

Tired of huge compensation costs, Xu Huaiyu also jumped from a commoner queen to a “poor queen”.

Under the pressure of the situation, she, who has always been proud, was forced to cry to the camera and beg “the brokerage company to let go”.

At the most embarrassing time, she even had to rely on fans’ relief to make ends meet.

From the perspective of painting style, Xu Huaiyu’s state in the past few years was indeed very bad.

And fate seems to be unable to bear Xu Huaiyu’s bleak star career, and has also given her a chance to turn her life around in recent years.

In 2022, her former club Rolling Stones offered her an olive branch and re-signed with her.

But Xu Huaiyu, who started again under the banner of feelings, fell quickly…

After being arranged by the brokerage company to participate in Sister Lang, her business performance was extremely disappointing.

In addition to the public stage that caused criticism from the whole network, Xu Huaiyu’s other performance in Sister Lang was also full of slots.

On the first stage of showing her personal works, she sang her masterpiece “Fen Fei”.

But even when she sang her classic works, she was obviously out of tune.

With her singing skills pulling her hips, she was even complained that “it is not at the level that a singer should have”.

And on stage, with her flickering eyes, many people questioned that she was looking at the teleprompter.

In addition to business pulling hips, some small details in Xu Huaiyu’s program were even magnified and criticized by netizens.

For example, when a group of Lang sisters were interacting enthusiastically, Xu Huaiyu played with his mobile phone while turning a blind eye.

This “water paddling scene” captured by the camera is also regarded as an example of Xu Huaiyu’s perfunctory work.

Facing the best opportunity to become popular in the past ten years, Xu Huaiyu’s paddling operation undoubtedly disappointed fans.

The four words “nuqibubudispute” couldn’t be more appropriate for her.

04. Xu Huaiyu is no longer needed in this showbiz

Whether it is the “arrears” of business ability or the “swimming” of attitude, Xu Huaiyu has firmly ranked first in Sister Lang’s black list.

Under the overwhelming scolding, Xu Huaiyu, who focuses on feelings, not only failed to meet expectations, but was scolded miserably.

In fact, the “excuse” that Xu Huaiyu’s team made for Sister Lang’s overturned car was not valid at all.

It is also a distraction concert, and the Japanese singer Meiyi Reya, who is busy with her solo concert, is also very busy.

But in the context of holding a concert in Japan in early May, Meiyi Liya still set aside time to rush to China to record the show.

Even though the journey was tiring, the Japanese actress still showed a good business attitude.

Whether it’s stage shows such as “Pure Land of Bliss” and “Sea of ​​Flowers”, or the kind and friendly painting style after stepping off the stage, no matter how you look at it, it is more pleasing than Xu Huaiyu with a drooping face.

It is also the “Jiushu Singing World” , and Yi Nengjing, the sister of Lang in previous years, can also complete the task.

She is 11 years older than Xu Huaiyu, and she is not intimidated because she hasn’t sung for a long time.

On the contrary, she participated in the show to make up for the gap with late night rehearsals, and even rehearsed until four o’clock at one point.

Although Yi Nengjing failed to become popular because of the show, her phrase “I don’t want to disappoint the fans who have liked me for decades” made people feel her dedication.

The same “business performance is average “, Sister Lang Cai Shaofen is also a positive example.

Whether it is in the show or on social platforms, you can see the video Cut of her dance practice everywhere.

At the scene of Sister Lang, Cai Shaofen once practiced to the point of collapse and cried that she was not so tired after giving birth.

It is obviously difficult for Cai Shaofen to “debut” with such achievements, but her hard work has also attracted the attention of the outside world.

With the above examples in front of us, Xu Huaiyu’s “excuses” are completely untenable.

It is worth mentioning that in the latest issue of Sister Lang, Xu Huaiyu has tearfully apologized for his “paddling”.

However, due to the accumulation of too many negative impressions, her apology was not bought by netizens.

In the comment area, there are still all kinds of complaints from netizens:

Don’t say it nicely, Er Gong is still paddling

Less self-impressive efforts, there are plenty of older sisters who are busier than you.

If you feel guilty, you should withdraw from the competition. The sister who was eliminated is stronger than you, works hard, and cherishes this stage even more.

It’s okay, you are the most sorry for yourself, you messed up such a good opportunity, keep running the commercial show you love!

As for Xu Huaiyu who was “not forgiven”, Qingshi’s emotions were more regrettable.

From being known as “one person feeds the entire Rolling Stone” in her peak period to now being criticized all over the Internet, her stardom has plummeted, which is embarrassing.

In Qingshi’s view, if she can understand the three truths in the circle through the Sister Lang incident, her life may have a turning point.

The first point is to use crisis awareness to motivate yourself to make progress;

If the entertainment industry does not advance, it will retreat. The replacement is very fast, and there are too many outdated artists like Xu Huaiyu.

And Sister Lang, who can be called a once-out-of-date artist, is also full of old-fashioned artists who have hit the second spring of their careers.

Their feelings are no worse than Xu Huaiyu’s, their preparations are more adequate than Xu Huaiyu’s, and they have more confidence to squeeze Xu Huaiyu out of popularity.

If you don’t work hard to improve your own competitiveness, but just focus on paddling, what is left for Xu Huaiyu is destined to be the next long night after the long night of acting career.

Secondly, use your business ability to keep your lower limit;

In today’s era of rapid information development, it is difficult for truly talented and capable people to be overwhelmed by the times.

Variety shows as small as talent shows that dig out amateurs, and variety shows such as Sister Lang who dig out out-of-date stars, all provide opportunities for underappreciated talents.

If you have business ability, you really don’t have to worry about opportunities.

But from the current point of view, Xu Huaiyu is a negative example.

From being out of tune on the first stage to dancing on the second stage, she was once a singing and dancing artist, but she squandered her former talent.

Insufficient business ability is destined to limit Xu Huaiyu’s development.

Third, keep your own feelings with a work attitude;

In all fairness, Xu Huaiyu is far from the only one who performed “poorly” among sisters Lang.

Including Cai Shaofen, Choo Ja Hyun and other sisters also performed poorly due to their inexperienced business.

But with their hard-working style of late-night rehearsal and their own emotional filters, the outside world still can’t bear to be too harsh on them.

On the other hand, Xu Huaiyu made excuses for her poor performance, so that her feelings “couldn’t protect” her.

The outrageous business performance in the show, coupled with the perfunctory attitude of “trying hard” afterwards, even further shattered her already vague emotional filter.

From this point of view, now 45-year-old Xu Huaiyu failed to become popular, and his attitude bears a lot of responsibility.

If she doesn’t change as soon as possible, her star path is doomed to come to an end.

After all, judging from the current public opinion, Xu Huaiyu, who “pulls his hips without knowing it”, is no longer tolerated by the whole world.

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