Xirelijiang reconciles with the scolded foreign aid and sends the latter Butler signature shoes

  On October 29th, Beijing time, Tongxi coach Xirelijiang presented a gift to Tongxi foreign aid Peterson, who was scolded yesterday.

  Yesterday, Xirelijiang scolded Peterson, the foreign aid who pointed at him when he was arranging tactics, during the game suspension. At that time, Xirelijiang directly pointed at Peterson and shouted “shut up (shut up).” Jiang said a dirty word and said shut up in Chinese.

  This matter was on the hot search after yesterday’s game. Today, Xirelijiang also gave Peterson a pair of sneakers, and clarified that the two are brothers, and there will be no estrangement over this matter.

  Xirelijiang said: “It was a hot search on the news yesterday, but they didn’t know that the two of us were brothers, so I gave him a Jimmy Butler’s signature sneaker. Butler has never worn these shoes. , only the hardest can wear it.”

  Peterson happily accepted Xirelijiang’s gift, and the two laughed together, seemingly unaffected by the incident.

  Xirelijiang scolded foreign aid and gave gifts today, which has been widely praised by fans.

  (Xu Chu)

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