“Xinxiang WTT World Cup Final 2022” kicks off! Xinxiang Unicom makes every effort to ensure communication

Ping-pong feast, peak duel. At present, the international event “Xinxiang WTT World Cup Final 2022” is being held in Xinxiang Pingyuan Sports Center. This is the world’s top table tennis event once again held in our city, and it is also the first time that a Chinese city has hosted the WTT World Cup final.

As a central communication enterprise and the leading communication operator in Xinxiang City, Xinxiang Unicom was selected as an important communication guarantee unit for this event, and exclusively assumed the international data line guarantee in the venue, and did a good job in the service guarantee of the “WTT World Table Tennis Championships”, becoming Xinxiang Unicom’s top priority. The Xinxiang Unicom Party Committee attaches great importance to it, and has visited the site many times for research and guidance, coordinating the promotion of communication security, network security and other work, requiring the highest standards, the strictest organization, the most practical measures, the best services, and the best results, and strive to achieve “zero”. Mistakes, Zero Complaints, Zero Problems”, handing over a satisfactory answer sheet for table tennis lovers all over the world.

In order to support the smooth holding of this top-level event in our city, Xinxiang Unicom connected with the WTT event team several months in advance, formulated the security plan and emergency plan as quickly as possible, and worked hard for several days and nights. A total of more than 150 people have been invested in reinsurance, and 16 events have been opened. The special line was reinstated, and a number of large emergency communication vehicles and satellite broadcast vehicles were dispatched to the Pingyuan Sports Center in advance to ensure “timely, safe and smooth” communication services for the event.

In order to let the audience experience the high-speed experience of the 5G network in this event, Xinxiang Unicom conducted multiple rounds of network tests on the Pingyuan Sports Center, optimized and adjusted 32 LTE base stations and 28 NR base stations in and around the area, and adjusted the base station equipment around the venue. Conduct uninterrupted “physical examinations”, dispatch a team of security experts 7 x 24 hours on-site to guarantee, through the use of China Unicom Cloud + Cloud Networking technology to achieve multi-channel two-way transmission of 4K signals, support and guarantee CCTV and other major media 5G live broadcast throughout the process, Multiple measures have provided strong support and guarantee for the global live broadcast of this international event.

In addition to the comprehensive “preparation” in the stadium, in order to create a large-scale sports event that fully applies 5G network services, Xinxiang Unicom has also optimized the coverage of 4G/5G networks in key areas such as major urban roads, stations, and hotels where athletes enter.

The communication network security of the WTT opening meeting is the focus of the security of the conference. On the opening day of the conference, all the personnel of Xinxiang Unicom who participated in the guarantee were in place in advance at 5:00 in the morning and entered the guarantee state. By the end of the opening meeting, Xinxiang Unicom’s 6 re-guaranteed 10 backup international data lines were running stably, and the video transmission time for various media was 6,895 minutes, achieving zero video freezes; the 5G network speed in the arena area reached 1323Mbps, and the 4G network speed reached 136Mbps , all network indicators are normal to ensure the safe and stable operation of the arena.

Xinxiang Unicom has polished the golden signboard of “the country’s chief, the government’s first choice, and the people’s first letter” with practical actions. It regards the communication guarantee work as the “examination room” for fulfilling its original mission, and devotes itself to 5G network construction and communication guarantee. “Xinxiang WTT World Cup Finals 2022” has delivered a satisfactory answer to the network communication security work, allowing table tennis lovers from all over the world to re-acquaint themselves with the “Ping Pong Hot Land and the Cradle of Champions” in Xinxiang.

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