Xin Jifei hides a “ventilation” behind him, even he doesn’t realize it

It is not uncommon to do continuous “food blending” experiments. A long time ago, I knew that I could blend the exact same fluid as milk, and it was published on TV… So, doing a similar experiment is not a trend… Xin Jifei, the reason why he is popular is that he did the experiment. The incident touched the concerns of many people and caught the “social outlet”. This outlet can be understood as more and more low-end merchants have to reduce costs to attract traffic in order to adapt to the platform ecology! The question is, how can small-scale operations reduce costs? How can real materials reduce costs? Therefore, Xin Jifei’s experiment has touched a gray area that cannot be disclosed. It’s not unusual for some people to follow, and some people even spend money to apprentice…

Earlier, when I went out to a restaurant, I would talk to the owner about the difference between dining and group buying. I didn’t talk much at first, but after getting familiar with it, I became a lot more frank. Once, the owner of a chicken family told me that the price of the online order was very low, and the price was too high, and no one ordered it. Therefore, the same chicken, dine-in and group purchase cannot be the same. A serving of mushrooms, potatoes, green peppers + chicken nuggets has different ratios and different costs. In order to adapt to the platform ecology, we can only adjust the price/performance ratio.

I asked back, if you do this, isn’t the word of mouth gone? The boss said that if one piece of chicken is missing, you can add a few more pieces of potatoes.

The ecology of the underlying merchants is just a microcosm. Taking takeaway as an example, the platform’s business model is to “connect merchants and diners”, and ultimately it must bind merchants to stabilize their ecological chain. Therefore, between the platform and the merchant, just like online games, they continue to provide equipment and equipment, and at the same time continue to induce users to develop dependence.

There is a platform project called the whole city delivery. It means that the takeaway from a small shop can be delivered to the whole city. This is painting a pie. Small stores are naturally happy to see this kind of project. Originally, they could only do business within a radius of 1 km, but now they can do it for hundreds of kilometers, and the demand has increased greatly. Isn’t it beautiful?

The problem is that there is a threshold for “delivery in the whole city”, and you must reach a certain sales level before you can be selected by the platform to participate. Therefore, the small store is just like playing a game. For the temptation of “delivering to the whole city”, it is crazy to do sales… Then, the question comes again, how can sales increase rapidly? That can only move the mind of “value for money”.

Through this strategy, the platform has bound merchants for a long time; merchants are trying their best to make sales in order to tempt them; what should we do if sales want to increase rapidly? What else can we do?

The entire chain of interests, the final destination, is gray. This kind of ubiquitous thing is called Wei Ran! And Xin Jifei’s experiment is just a metaphor for this gray area. He accidentally stands in the limelight, and naturally some people follow him. Therefore, Xin Jifei’s fire, even he himself does not realize.

In hindsight, is he really handsome? no! Is his crooked mouth image very attractive? no! Is his experiment very professional? no! It was his experiment that hit the underlying needs and hit the gray mentality hidden in the hearts of many people, who wanted to do it but dared not do it, and did it but was afraid of being unable to hold it back. Well, “Xing Jifei is standing on the “wind”, he didn’t even realize it himself, I wrote so much, I wish Kang.