Xie Libin: Zeng Fanbo was injured when he arrived at the team late, and his future development will be better

  On October 29th, Beijing time, in the ninth round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Beijing Shougang team defeated the Jilin team 88-83. After the game, Beijing team coach Xie Libin praised Zeng Fanbo for his outstanding talent and promising future prospects.

  At the post-match press conference, talking about Zeng Fanbo, who played well in this campaign, Xie Libin commented: “He has a very good talent, his problem may be that he came back late in the early stage, and was affected by two injuries, so he will come back again. In the team’s 12-man roster, he needs to cooperate more with his teammates and try to find opportunities to show his characteristics in the game. In the last three games of the first stage, he played a very good role as a young player. The future and future development will be even better.”

  As for the final battle of the first stage, Xie Libin said: “I am very happy to end the first stage of the game with a victory. I think this victory is very important to us. Because of the training in the next stage, Including the confidence of the players, including the motivation of the players in the next stage of training, requires this game to be more fully prepared for the next stage. So I am very happy to win the last game, but in the process, especially the beginning, today is indeed There is still a lot to be summed up.”

  ”From a mental point of view, it is true that after losing to Shanxi, everyone was hesitant on both ends of the offense and defense. In preparation, we can always encourage all players, but maybe after the loss, the adjustment on the field is a little slower. The second point is to know that Liv played with the starting lineup in the first eight games. Today, Ahao and Raymond cannot play due to injuries, so we can only take this risk to change the starting lineup temporarily. There are many foreign aid organizations and multiple connections. Because the small foreign aid arrived late, he did not train with us for a long time, and only came to the team in the fourth game, including the time we didn’t have a confrontation some time ago, so it’s still in terms of familiarity. Still missing something.”

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